Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chemistry with silence... It works.. So, this is a better way...

Feeling not very well now..
Late in the evening, i was not feeling very well and ppl around me were so caring. I'm loving it!! Best tuu...Anyway, there was a question i asked to someone, "kalau kaki yg sakit, ada jugak yg tolong dukung nih...kekeke". But u know what was d reply?, "Tolak naik troli je leeee".. Cess...

Today team and me were very bz entering all d enhancement issues into Mantis. Wahh! Finally, Mek Comey complete the list.

Hay, i dont know what to write now. I think, i have a lot of things to write during day time, but suddenly it lost from my mind. Is it because of too many times listening to LOST song today?

Came to d office today with full energy! Hahaha...FOR Mantis!! Because of u Mantis, Chip informed not to disturb d Apps Team today. Even, she did mentioned dat we cant go back if the list incomplete.Erkk...Chip, i have new pix of "ehem" chip. (Cubaan bodek balik awal nii...ekekeke). Anyway...Chip, SIAPPPPP!!! :)

Do u have attitude dat u know how to do it but it's not for others, but only for yourself? And may be, u dont really into it to do it to some ppl. MAHAL!! kekeke...
I have dat kind if attitude. And today i've been asked to do it. Eiiyuu, Sedangkan org yg lama menanti pun tak dapek.... ;)


I went back at 8pm today. When reached Vivy, wuppss, i saw something at d wiper! Hmm...A box! Eye Mo Box! Emm, who gave it to u, Boo? Ooo, u notey2 one when i'm not around, huh? ekekeke... ;)

A fren told me dat Chop n Steak is available at Selayang too. Wahh, takyah la g jejauh lagik smpai ke Kg Baru pas ni. Bukan tak caye,abe. Tp, nti Mek Comey g ngk dulu, sama ke tak. Try first whether the taste is same or how....hehehe...If it same, port baru aaa kita hang out nanti :)
Submitted my Leave application to Boss today. I'll be on leave for a day, on dis friday.Eyyeaaah, family and me are going back to Ganung! Bawak balik Iman Zaheera. Oghang Kapong dok nengok dia lagik si kicik tu...kekeke...abis aa rara, 4 hari ni kena gomol ngn Ateh aaa...emmm...best..best..!!! ;)

Ehmm, before challos, Boo..
I heard that mates n me at SGB are moving somewhere. Heard dat new place is a scary place! Ehmmm.... :( Will update u soon once it's confirm to move...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Are u going somewhere for this long holiday starting thursday?

Delicious! Dinner menu-
Papa: chicken chop. Mama, Ayie n me: Sizzling steak. and all: Mushromm chicken soup!We love to come here for it's western food which good and cheap.Come and try it,okies!!recomended!

Owh,anyway, congrats to my besfren Najua sweetheart who has give birth, baby girl, last saturday! Am sure baby is look like anak mat salleh! Najua, ida tak smpat lagik nak call Najua. Emm..will come and visit u okies! :)

Chip...Sila chip, sila... kekeke...

Emm...going for dinner at Chop n steak @ Kg Baru...Besshhh!!!
see ya later...

Seb baik tak kena tinggal tgh2 alam Jeram tuu...

I've not talking 2 u boo since last 2 days. Am sorry :(
Okies, trying to make it short but would cover all stories happened during last weekend!

Wanna know y i dont have time for blogging? Mama and papa were not at home!! Huh, to them who know dis clue, am sure u know d reason now..hehehe... Okies, if they are not @ home, I become suri rumah tangga! kekeke...SURI! Waahh! i like that golden word! I did all suri's task, know! From inside, till outside! From dry till wet..upss..! Aiyork, except, cooking! i cook nothing since limit of time and it was only Ayie n me @ home. Nak try masak gulai kang,kena buat kenduri la plak masak bebanyak kan :p So, dis is d reason, too bz mek comey as suri last weekend..waaahhh!!

Last Saturday, another birthday surprise for my Boss (if u still remember, she is Miss Kuew Teow Kung Fu). TIGA HARI TIGA MALAM TUUU SAMBUTTT!! ;). Upss...anyway, before i continue,i've an idea to make dis story short. Link to *wink*, to someone's blog, which could help me to tell how dis surprise was going on. Kekekeke.. Naahh! if i link there, means i cant comments "lebey2" or express my own feeling when i was there. So,read here okies... ;)

We had makan2 at Jeram. Good Plan i would say, because birthday girl knew dat she had "gotcha" only just a few metres before d place where we wanted to bring her. She was so "petak"(square). U should've see d face! It started when she had been informed to meet Datin for tea along with someone. But, somehow, she was brought to meet us at Spital. Wait, she's still not aware of dis "gotcha" when she saw our faces. She thought we came for work.. Hhahaha. Later, we followed them and u know, she didnt suspect anything! Yes, anything! I was just laid back in the car bcoz i cant stop laughing when look at her very "jujur" and bercerita itu ini... what i only said is "U look cuteeeee today, sis" ;) Until we reached at one corner, she realized that we were not going to meet any datin. she said..." aku tauuu dahhh...kekeke...". Ehm, we makan2 and had a good time together. Kakak mcm biasalah, mengepak ngn menjalar panjang tgn dia amik lauk..hehhee...but she's kind, u know. She helped me opened a few kerang (mek comey malas nak bukak mula2..pastu buka sendiri aaaa...). Si mimi, bagusss wooo...tak rugi bawak dia ni..abis kiri kanan dia abiskan.Oowwh... there's a momment i can't forget when guy next to her grab d last prawn bofore she finish it first! hahahaha.... Cutee!! And one more, D very tired of waiting coffee n tea after the meals.. Aaa....order 4 gelas cofee, first time, tak smpai. So, order aaa lagik skali for 2nd times. Sekaliiiiii...Mak aaiii....8 gelas sampai!! Ammbeekkk.....kekeke...

Emm, can we plan such a good momment like dat again 1 day? :) :) :)

ooo, bcoz of Man U was on the hot topic dat day until "agak kecundengsss" kann..ekekeke, then i forgot to take pix...soweeeyy...only dis...

Above pix sponsored by someone... Cungg orkkk? hehehe

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another big meeting tomorrow at 0830..gudluck mates..!

My lovely boss,
Boo wish u All Happiness,Smiles,Peaceful and sucessfull today and foreva... ;)
There's an 1 day early surprise bday celebration today for her @ SGB. I was understood that she doesnt like to be celebrated in a party. Dat's d reason we planed makan2 in d office today. otherwise, she'll be trying to escape on her birthday time tomorrow. Huh...payoh gok nih...

Saat2 paksaan dilakukan...

I wasnt there...answering user's problem thru phone in helpdesk room...aiyork, i missed this momment. seb baik ada Tuan BCP yg tukar jawatan jadik camerawoman..

Look at my cikgu in red. She conduct d choir very well.ekekek...
Cikgu...our "Plan" still ON okies..cant wait to go "there"...Ehmmm (dreaming)...hahahaha...

A very Kind Hearted person! I adore u!!

There i am in helpdesk room...My issues but Mummy was standing next to me? confusing!!..Mummy...angau tak ilang lagik nihh....ekekeke.. Senyum poyo je mek comey nih..tgh lapoo niii...tak smpat mkn apa pun lagik ni..

Earlier in d morning, team n me attended two meetings which ended at 3pm. Lapooo nggoh! Mmg muke keghuk dahi belaka doohh..(berkerut dahi..). Let's work together after this, okies! We r a team therefore we must work in a team. okiess?
Hey,if u look properly at these 2 pix below, it's like a merge pic. Panda nggoh BCP merangkap camerawoman amek gamboo..ekekeke...

Mummy n me were seating next to each other, and whatelse can u expect ppl will do when sleepy was in d very very tahap gaban? These what we did..ekekeke..

All in silent mode and pls refer to the pic for better understanding..ekekke...

Mummy: press the "enter" button "Mengantuknye, bila nak abis ni". Dah tekan byk kali pun, tak stop gak meeting ni
Mek Comey: salah button tu...tekan la button "shuffle" ,mcm dlm windows media player tu..baru la auto re enter..
Mummy:(pressing "shuffle" button)
Mek Comey: Diorg pakai Winamp aa, miy. Sbb tu tekan "shuffle" pun tak stop diorg cakap..
Mummy: aaa...i tekan button "pause" laaa...
Mek Comey: Tekan button "forward" lagik cpt miy...

Mummy: Pressing "ctrl", "alt", "del" button
Mek Comey: Buat pe tekan button tu..Nak cpt, tekan "shutdown" aaaa. Nak cpt lagik, tutup power terus...ekekeke...

Mummy: Start dah provokasi....(referring to Tuan BCP...ekekeke...)
Mek Comey: (pressing "silent")
Mummy: (pressing "buzz")

To boss, dis is just to ilang kan mengantuk je tau..harap maaf boss klu aksi2 ini agak tidak sesuai diperaksikan waktu meeting..
End of d day today, joined interview session for kakak. My first ever time saw her in a very shy mood! she's been interviewed by "interviewer" bout her relationship with cik abg syg. ouwch!!

Huh! Kakak ni pemalu rupanye, Boo!! abis daun berguguran kat pokok tu dia siat2, potong2.. tinggal tak gigit2 je lagik.

Interviewer: senang aaa bangla sok sapu sampah..

Upss...Kakak was trying ran away from interviewing..hiding at Bday gurl's car..owhh, shud ask my boss whether her car has name or not?
Kakak: Jom la balik adik..
Mek Comey: Kenapa kakak?
Kakak: Panas sudah ni...

She's just speechless in Vivvy and this is d time i snap her pix when she was so so shy...Klu sblm ni, lajuuuu je pose klu org amek gambo. Kali ni..

kakak: Adikk...jgn laaa...hahaha...
Mek Comey: Mahal ni gambar kakak tgh malu ni, kakak... ekekeke...

AGAIN..HAPPY BIRTHDAY,KAK FAIZAHHHH!!!!!!!!mwaahhhhxxxx....mwaahhxxx...mwaahhxx...!!!