Thursday, July 31, 2008

To Boo readers, rara demam...Doakan our dearest Rara get well soon okies!!

My bad day is a Good Day! Ehmmm...what does it mean?

Had a morning meeting @ Ampang today with MOH. It was drag till evening so d team decided to stay and had further discussion there. 1815,packed all my things and start Vivvy. Initially my desk-neighbour mate wanted to konvoi, but she claimed that i would left her behind after few kilometres konvoi. Caisshh!! Mek, u didnt know that u drove like Luis Hamillton -d day we went to cyberjaya last week! U told me not to drive fast. But the fact, Huh... 120km/j, darling! Ups... Wink!! But i drove safely yeah, **e ;)

Just after the 2nd traffic light in front of Esso petrol kiosk,i heard something from the back of vivvy. I tot it was d road condition that made the sounds. While Bz waiting SMS reply, my mind was thinking where was d sounds came from! Haish!! May be too many things in bonet? Or, May be too empty in bonet that made things go there n here? Or may be, someone is in my bonet? Kakakaka...MERBAHAYA...!! ekekeke... Yeah, bcoz of too imaginative, i chose a wrong junction which brought me to a safe place. There-i was at shop lots, near to the maybank and mamak stall just before the Shell Petrol Kiosk.. Eehmm, u, who always come to ampang might have the clear picture where were i, rite? Okies...Again, the wrong juction safe me!! Why? Ehhmmm...

Bcoz..tell u this,okies..
I stopped at d carpark in front of Mamak stall. To check, my tyre! I had an experience before, that uncomfortable driving was bcoz of my FLAT TYRE!! So, stepped down and checked, CONFIRMED, FLAT TYRE!! Huhuhu...(Anyway, totally confirmed when got d confirmation, Wink!)

While checking d tyre, a gurl approach me;

Gurl: U 'Mek Comey', kan?
Mek Comey: A'ah. Ni misti kita sama skolah kan? (Huhuhu...i cant remember her name anyway. So, by saying dat, at least, showing dat i still can recall she's my schoolmate)
Gurl: (intoducing herself...) Marwani
Mek Comey: Ooo..okies..U look different! (Cung..hehehe)

Later, she helped me from A to Z! From d time i parked vivvy next to her car, brought me to car service, got d workshop man to change spare tyre, negotiate for cheaper service price, waited until vivvy OK :).
Wasn't she too kind? For a fren who has not been mate for a long time, and suddenly offer such that help to me? i feel so lucky! Alhamdulillah.. Tq, marwani and tq for d online service too.. :) So, it was a bad day - flat tyre, but it was a good day- met marwani and my problems settled very well. Of course i was not the one who handled it well. But the environment!! - The location (am sure i'll be 'kaluts' if it happened at the MRR2 highway), the people around me (U and U) and the time when it happened still early @ 1850.

Owh..forgot to tell u, Boo.
Before i got into her car, while opened the door, Eiskk!! I suddenly broke her 'tempat buka pintu keta'. Haiyorkkk!!
Ieskk... What a 'ganaz',kanss? but, i did opened it gegirl-ly.. Nicely..ekeke.... Sorry, marwani.. The face was so..."SORRY,i tak sengajaaaa..." :

Drove car and reached home safely. Tp, Kepala pun tetiba je sakit time balik tu. Lucky u there...Thanks yeah..

The lesson here, If u luv urself, luv u car condition! :) Okiess!!

Ehmmm.. tot it just till that..
Suddenly, my phone got barred! Expected earlier, anyway. So, just call service centre to ask what is the current usage.

Mek Comey: Bleh tau tak berapa dah penggunaan sy and d credit limit?
Service Centre Gurl: Kadar tertunggak , RM 2**+. Credit limit, RM3**.
Mek Comey: okay...ada penggunaan semasa ke?
Service Centre Gurl: Kadar tertunggak , RM 200+. Credit limit, RM350.
Mek Comey: (just telling myself, y phone got barred if credit limit still not exceeded?) So, bleh saya tau kenapa kena bar?
Service Centre Gurl: Skejap, sy cek. Sy akan cek.(after a while). System tersalah barred yr phone. ada masalah sedikit tadi.
Mek Comey: Okay, so bleh bukak kan line sy balik la kan?
Service Centre Gurl: Ye, boleh, cik. Tp, boleh cik beritahu, bila tarikh cik nak buat pembayaran?
Mek Comey: Erkk? Kenapa plak sy nak kena buat pembayaran kalau belum reach credit limit. Emm, due date pun blom lagi kan for this month payment?
Service Cente Gurl: Ooo..sekejap ye, cik.Sy akan cek.(after a while). Baik, cik. Talian akan dibuka selepas ini
Mek Comey: hopefully i wouldnt take long, ok. bcoz it's ur system fault. And not bcoz of my payment.
Service Centre Gurl: Baiklah.
Mek Comey: Bleh sy dapatkan number referrrence?
Service Centre Gurl: Ehmm...Number apa ye,cik? Cik bleh call number ni, cik
Mek Comey: Sy nak number referrence utk problem ni
Service Centre Gurl: (No answer)
Mek Comey: Awak ni trainee, ye? Baru masuk keja ke?
Service Centre Gurl: Ye cik. Cik nak number reference tu ke?
Mek Comey: It's ok. Cuma nti awak cek la klu ada number referrence yg boleh kasik if in case customer require follow up from first call. (She's too kind. The way she talk, so nice. Tak jadik nak marah sbb baiiikkk sesangat, The sincere is like, she just came from a far place who really need job. And that makes she committed. U go gurl! :))
Service Centre Gurl: Baik, Cik
Mek Comey: TQ.
Service Centre Gurl: Terima kasih..

Huhuh..d day..-end-

More pic and story are coming up... Buk Surti mau selesain kerja sebentar yeaa...ketemu semula nanti..Challoss~~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tak jadik pagi...malam pun ok... ;)

Am now @ Serdang site. Attended meeting which held here from morning till lunch hour. Since it was finished at 2pm so team n me just continue work from here.

Conversation when i just reached Serdang site. Pn CT called me when she was at Serdang Komuter.

Pn CT: Siti dah tau dah kat mana location meeting tu..A'ah, CT dah tau.
Mek Comey: Ooo..Okies, ye klu dah tau tu, kat mana? (Haish, takat bgtau dia dah tau tu, wakmende? Anyway, i miss 'this CT'. Always kinda so-so in what she's telling. Cute!)
Pn CT: haaa, baik 'Mek Comey' datang amik CT.
Mek Comey: ke?Lewat lagik la ni meeting ni? Kul bape, mek?
Pn CT: Kul 9
Mek Comey: Kul 9? (Ngk la jam kejaps. 8.50am)
Pn CT: A'ah. Start kul 9
Mek Comey: Abis tu, kenapa kata baik 'Mek Comey' datang g amik mu (kat Serdang Komuter)? (Tgh pk lagik ni..Lagik 5 minit nak start tp said better go fetch her..hmm?)
Pn CT: Allllaaa..dtg la amik kejaaappp....
Mek Comey: Ooooo...(Eisk, apa ke pusing jauh sgt citer nye mek ni. Nak suh amik, bgtau le dr awal. Patut la mcm tak relevan je bila kata baik g datang amik dia dulu. I tot the meeting has been posponed to a later time when she said better go and fetch her first. But, the real things is she wants me to take pick her at Serdang Komuter.
ekekeke....So, this 'CT' is always like this... Nak bgtau lain, tp lain plak yg dia ckp...Mmg comey nggoh mu,mek..
Haaa..time balik, sent her to ERL Putrajaya. Kali ni, dua2 pun weng time salam say gud bye. Mek Comey hulur tgn and ask her to kiss my hand... Haishh...abg J, u sehat ke kat astar tu...Wink...

Monday, July 28, 2008

5th of 10

Haa...initially i didnt have anything to write here. But, once i typed 'idea'..there u are! Hiks.
Next time, bloggers, if u dont have anything to write, do d same, okies? ekeke...

Woke up this morning by a morning call. Tenkius! Anyway, d term morning call really suites u. Why?
Coz, u were also just woke up from ur sleep too ! Kansss? ekeke... Yeah, a bit happy since it was 7.05 @ dat time. A good time to wake up so that i can reach early to SGB today. Before 0830!
With the warning of not to goleks anymore, i tot i have prepared myself to work. Confidently said that, okies..i'm awake! Take my bath now! But, the reality was, i were still sleeping after hang up the call. Plus, I even had chance of dreaming that i've forgotten to see my MRD users today. Haish....
Eventually, the 'Roh Baik' came, woke me 5 minutes before 0800. Huh...then u just imagine how kabut all things went out. Okies...
On my way to d office, SMSed frens;

"Mek, Awang...i'm on my way. b4 9 be there"

What i meant-I'll be a bit late. Cant be there @ 0830. But, will be there before 0900.
Uiits...some confusion with my SMS. Frens got confuse.

1) Black tot i send d SMS bcoz i wanted to inform him meeting will be held before 9. He were speeding for that meeting. Sorry, abe...
2) While Mummy and Nurul asked me; 'Sapa Awang tu?'
Haiyorkk...Gurls, If mek is a callname for gurl. Then, Awang is for guys, my dear :)
So, dont get confuse with any guy I/C registred name as AWANG, okies...
Yeah, this is ur first time u heard that callname rite? Before this u only heard ABE.... kans? hehe...It's ok...New word for today.. :)

A bit dizzy when reached the office, @ 0906. After few minutes, Okkkaayy!! ;) Cheers!!

Later, struggle with my laptop. Simply exit the HIS without instruction. Haishhh... After few minutes, no problem.
'So, i think u deserve one more gift as promised'... Wink!!

Haaaa..suddenly, Nurul asked me while typing this Boo..
Nurul: "That guy puasa jugak,ke?"
Mek Comey: "Apa? U igt i Pengerusi puasa ke dok tanya i sapa posa tak posa ni?"

Ehmm, know what? I'm planning to get Big Apple as well, today.. Hiks!! Yeaayy...!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th of 10..

It's a lazy Sunday! Went to laundry in d afternoon and sleep for few hours in d evening. Since morning, i didn't have even a seconds with Rara. She's still @ Coalfields. Taking few clothes and things to Gombak. They'll be here for another week! Yeah...Ateh suke!! ;)

Vivvy, i'll bring u to car wash tonite, kays. After break fast time. And must be home back before Gangstarz! Ehm, i dunno, but lately, i love to follow and watch it! And later on, to laundry!

Posa ke sok niii....?

Alhamdulillah...3rd day - successfully!
Stopped @ OU before went home. For Big Apple. Drove there in hurry. Buy it in hurry. Drove home also in hurry. Oitss...dont be mad,yeah. It was all because i need to be home before Maghrib! Hmm..Am safe!!! ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wahh...congrats intanku and husband for new baby..must cute as her autie Mek Comey rite? ;)

Everyone is having lunch now and am still here try to figure out d problems to be rectified! It's d exposure to understand this statistics. The more u found problem, the more u understand the statistic. planning to get Big Apple for my Break Fast today. Well...we'll see..if we go back early today, i'll make a stop there :)

Eehmm... the face of dreaming of big Apple!!
Come on Mek Comey, 5 hours to go... Fighting!


3rd of 10...

Am @ office today. Initially, was trying not to come to work for this weekend. But, since the outcome for today will be so helpful for d next meeting with users and 'that Z', so, decided no worries to come today. Furthermore, it makes me fasting today.Guuuddd~~!! If am @ home, it's confirm no fasting! hehehe... Haish, but thinking d days to 'Ganti Posa', plus the Ramadhan is coming soon..eermm, regardless of weekend, days full of meeting, 'tak sempat nak minum air tgh mlm', then i think i have to push myself to complete it. Yeah!!

Am kind of person who likes to be motivated by others or by thing. Anyhow, am not a person very dependable too. It just like, it gives me more spirit of doing something. So, to complete this posa, Baju Raya is the one. Waah...i've in mind what design for baju raya this year.. ;) Wink.. Jioms pakai plain design, okies? wahh...Mama, when is our next shopping? ekekeke....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Working tomorrow...Haiiyorkk...

It's 5th day of the week Friday! I love these 5 past days since so many issue @ work has been closed. My Statistics mostly! 101% concentrated on that. Thanks to all who involve yeah. Directly or indirectly.
And i had fasting for 2 days! Wahh...though so many 'tanduks' @ d office, tq for the 'angle' who still there to give support.
Mek Comey: "U all aaa..kacau me posa..later, when it's ur turn to ganti, and i have few days to finish, be ready okies! Bukan setakat Secret Receipe, i jeleskan dgn Bapak Secret Receipe lagik, u know..huhuhu..."
Yeah, it wouldnt be a happy days without problems, rite? Am just took it easy and find ways how to handle it. Anyway, thanks to these days as it will be valuable for my experience to be more taugh gurl in future :) Fighting!

Mama n Me @ Ikea. To whom who love IKEA, plan a visit soon, since IKEA just started its SALES yesterday, 25th July.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Uits...Rara now @ 6.3kg...Gegems sket...

Ehmm,u know what all my frens are provoking me to break my fast! Huh...
Semangat Gaban!! Fighting!
(Tp.. btul la ckp diorg...sedap nye Pan Grilled Dowry with Lobster source, Ice Choc with whipped cream @ Secret Receipe... alllla....)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What would u do if u are having dinner, ur dinner mates disturbing d conversation of next table? ehmm...Me, will change their focus to me..huh!

Still have lot of things to share here...C ya later..

My hand is getting better...Tq yeah.. ;)

It's wednesday!
Supposedly to do my fasting today (Ganti posa).Had planned since last friday to start. But still fails to do it so. Hahaha... Reason failure:

Monday: I've took a big mug of plain water to my room for sahur. Plan to wake up before subuh time and drink it. YEah...The next morning when i woke up, it's 7 already. Huh..Mana aci. Nti dahaga. So, CANCEL...
Tuesday: A lot of meeting to attend. So, not fasting purposely.
Wednesday: Not again.Since Tuesday nite i dont have any plan to. And what i can think of is Nasi Lemak for my breakfast tomorow. Yeahh...But the guts still there. Anyhow, when i got into bed, mama had took the mug back to kitchen. Hah...then have reason not to fasting again...ekeke... Yeah..u might think it is a sin to play-play with fasting, rite.

Anyway, here some pix of my gurls during lunch yesterday. Completely 7 of us! To A.C, when are u going to join our lunch? ;p

Monday, July 21, 2008

Going to Cyber today...Mari...!! day started with injured! Haish... Nak kata kabut, tak jgk. Cemana la siku bleh langgar dinding dapur td.

My Left Elbow..Haiyorkkk...
Ehmm,takde la teruk sgt. Tp nak angkat handbrake, move the gear,i've to use my right hand. Even had to take few times to make a u-turn..ehmm...
Anyway, this is our new office

Sunday, July 20, 2008

No Title..

At least, i know there is still someone who loves me besides my Papa, Mama, Abg, Kak Sha, Sheila, Ayie n Rara.
Mati or i like to say as "GO FIRST", is not a good topic to talk. People says, worried it will happen once u talk bout it.
But sometimes, i feel like " GO FIRST" so that i will not suffer when if person that i love "GO FIRST".. It's not selfish. But, i want my love one live longer than me.
So, IF i were... ehmm, better dont say this...

Song by Ungu... Tq for that, okies...

Jom posa next week...Nak Raya pulok doh ni weh...

Just watched

Drama @ TV3. Title "Terlalu Istimewa". About LOVE. Dis is special LOVE, where LOVE @ Orphanage. To whom who watched, i dunno whether u had the same feeling like i felt. To me, I'm touched!! Angish masa start, kat tgh2, and @ d end of the story.

Ehmm, talk about orphans, they live without parents love. They live with what whateva given to them. They dont expect much. And am sure, LOVE is what they appreciate most. Ehmm, may be we can learn what love means from them. So, how bout this, if i say, Love ur Loved one before it's too late. Okies..Hmm, Mek Comey very thankful with LOVE she has now.

Love yaa...Mwaahxx!! Anyway, more pix of Rara..
The straight line shirt, from Ateh.. Masa shopping ngn Tatai kat Mid Valley Last week. And, i had mentioned dunno what to eat for dinner... So, bantai je la kasik tiru menu papa... Huh...Mcm de Ja Vu plak, i think i just mentioned this sentence about less than 30 seconds ago.. ehmm...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wupss...sorry, Rara just increase 0.05 kg... Hmm.. ye ke? mcm tak caye je naik sikit sgt..PP mcm sinchan dah...

Bak kata kak Sha, arini, ari bermalas-malasan..Hmm!setuju! Dok goleks punya la goleks. Smpai ke ptg. Tunggu Rara balik dr g kenduri Akad Nikah Kat Shah Alam. When she reached home, she was sleeping. Then, chit chat wif mama. Mama asked where to go tomorrow (Shopping place). Also, whether am going to work or not. Huhu..i said i'm required, but since promised her earlier, so i think, will spend my time for her tomorrow. To mate at SGB, sorry, i think i cant make it tomorrow. Owh, anyway, d team are preparing BCP copies. Ehmm, Tuan BCP and Chip, my apologize for not coming, yeah... really hungry. Wanna buy something for dinner for d family. Rara n parents r having dinner outside. Her uncle from Ganu is here. So, our dinner is just for 4 of us. Mama, Papa, Ayie n me. What to eat, hmm? Haishh!! There will be a time when u dont know what to eat. Ehmm... NAK MAKAN APA???!!!! EEiiyee...!! But,the more importance thing is, DONT TAKE CAFFEIN....Huh...DANGEROUS...!!!

C yA...

Rara weight increase 0.5 Kg only.. Haish. It's ok, as long as u r healthy yeah, baby..

Woke up with Mummy's call today :p

Then, heard Rara's voice..Jerit2 dia dok lawan sore awok. When i got down, Rara n her parents were ready to go out.Ehmm...tak best! tak best! tak best! Takle main ngn Rara..Padan muka ateh orkk!! selalu sgt tinggal Rara. Arini Rara plak tinggal Ateh. Eisk..

Ngants aa.. Supposedly to bring mama to IKEA. Looks like she's very tired. Weekend is the rest day for her. Ehm, so, may be IKEA will be postponed to tomorrow. We'll c ya. I'm also feeling very tired. Segoleks dua skejaps.. ZzZzzZz..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sok g shopping lagi kee? . ;)

Uits...was very sleepy this evening since driving back home after dinner.. ehmm, what a lovely dinner again! Wink..ekeke...

Reached home early and rest on sofa. Sleepy. But my emotions feeling such high! Haiyork....Ptg td, Minum sket caffein je td pun. Tu pun saje nak abiskan.Konon! Padahal tak dapat abis pun. Anyway, it was a coffee that i made during breakfast! Later, i cant sleep. May be because of that feeling. High. Ehmm, here i am...With Boo now. I wanna do something but i dunno what it is. I wanna go somewhere, but i dunno where to go. Hah...this is all because of high!! haishh...

*Ehm, drink a cup of water...hope i'm gonna be okay soon...*

So, what i managed to do to release my high...above pix...

layan rara mkn betik sbb dah lama tak Yak. And at d same time on the laptop camera and took her pic!! ;)

She's so cute!

Below pix, d new Jura.. ;) before went out for lunch..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Congrats, Ifa for new baby girl...Sure comeeeyyyy tu... Haish,,smue dah beranak pinak ni....haishh...

What a lovely weekends with mama today!
We've spent time together. From 12.30pm till 8.00pm.
If u still remember, i had lost during my way to Mid Valley. That time, went with my bro, Ayie.
Today, it happened again! hahaha.. Lucky my co-pilot very d gud one.

Mek Comey : Ma, Nana suka bawak mama g shopping ni. Sbb mama tau jalan! hehehe..
Mama: Ye ee.. kalu mama naik ngn papa, relaaaaxx je ddk dlm keta. Ni sapa sakik pale doh ni nok tengok jalan ni..
(bape kali dgr dialog mama yg sama ni, bila everytime Mek Comey tanya mama mana satu jalan nak pilih..hihihi)

Kes kes kes...bebel mama naik keta ngn anak dia yg fail bab jalan2 KL ni...Huh, Jalan KL je ke yg fail?
Wuppss, tetiba teringat masa kat Alor Star aritu, bleh tersesat masuk highway Alor Star Selatan. In fact, nak balik Hospital Alor Star.Tp, dok nengok sign board Highway sgt, last2 terus masuk tol! huhu...seb baik la 'Abg peronda' tolong :p Kalau tak, Mek Comey balik KL sebelum waktu nya...ekeke..

But, we've not totally lost the road. It just, we passed the correct junction. Becoz, we managed to find how to get to the location though using the different road. Mama hebak, mama! I LOVE U, lahh.. ;P

Owh, there in Mid Valley, we met Intanku+Asri with her family. Ekeke...she said, supposedly, yesterday is the due date. but when admitted, "Baby takmo kluar...." :) So, she came just to exercise la...hehehe..

So, after 5 hours in Mid Valley, them moved out to Jalan TAR.
Wahh...time balik...Mek Comey reti aa carik jalan...Sbb apa, bukan susah pun, carik jalan to Kuantan, tak pun KLCC...ekeke...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ngantuks....nak tido balik...huhuhuhu..

Just wake up from sleep. It was a gud saturday from morning till night! Full with plan, even though, not all my wish has been fulfilled. So, i will make sure that sunday will make it happen! ;)
Morning, papa woke me up, after he got number, the turns to take Road Tax rebate. Quickly, take shower and drove to Post Office @ Gombak. Haiyork, missed 7 number. Supposedly 1025, but when i came, it was already 1233. Try gak tanya kakak kaunter, tapi biasalah...klu dah pompuan ngn pompuan kanss... sure takde 'kesian' nye. Silap plak tak g tanya kat 'abang' sebelah kaunter tu kans... Haish. Jujur sgt plak mu, Mek Comey... "Jujur la padamu...". Eisk, lagu ni kenapa dok tetiba nyanyi ni. Song of the week, huh? :p

My new number was 1255. The process went fast. So, after filled up very short form, waited about 20 minutes, I got my RM625! Wink!! BESTTT!! ekeke...

So, drove home. And planned to go to Low Yatt. Ehmm,SMSed Kakak n Mas, aksed them if they wanted to join. Yeay!! They agreed! So, at 11.30 pick them up. Sesat-sesat sket, pastu smpai la kat situ around 12.45. Oits, susah tau nak parking! Lucky the size of Vivy is small. So, bleh selit2 celah dinding utk park! :p

Ehm, planned to repair my laptop. Haish, still CANT DO NOTHING BOUT THAT!! Eiskk!! :(
So, it ended up with bougt 2 external hard disk. 1 for mimi and 1 for me!...
Bought Big Apple home.

Send Kakak n Mas at 4.30pm and on my way home, had a tot to go out for shopping @ OU. Had a tea with Mama and asked her to go along with me. Ehmm..Mama takmo pegi..Penat katanye..

Ehmm, So, at 7.00 pm, i reached at OU. alone.
So, beli la sket2... ekekek...
Owh, met Rara there at 8.30pm so...

and continue again my shopping @ 9pm.... ;) Out to home @ 10.30pm...And reached home safely @ 11pm.Is it full report enough? ;p

Friday, July 11, 2008

Baie Last Day! Nice Knowing u, darlings.U such a good fren to be with. Abe klate buleh tahang gok baie, weh.Kalu kenang, kabo skek!Am gonna miss u ;)

am talking to Cik Mimi while blogging Boo. Mimi is provoking as who she is. Eiiskk!! Tanya satu,reply sekampung cerita! U bebeh, gigit baru tau!!

My day started with an enjoy breakfast @ Jejants today! Promised to be there @ 7.30am, but 'biasalah, janji melayu kans..'. So, reached there @ 8am. It's all bcoz had not enough sleep last nyte. Just sleep on the carpet. Doing something with my laptop.Lucky was awake at 6.29am. Still have time to bath...Hahaha.. Kot la bgn kul 7.30 kans, ada ke kemungkinan tak mands?ekeke..And, with improper sleep ,am now dizzy.

Ehmm, morning plan GAGAL aaa. Sorry to whom that i drag into this plan. Am so .. (Okies, i'm not saying it, just whispering..."Guilty"). No wonder my left eye blink gave as if a signal of bad news. Emmm.. But, It's ok. There's always a reason when something happen not according to plan. Naahh... :) klu tak, takde la breakfast berjemaah tu kans? Where, later it turns to a peace date without provocation.. ;p I LOVE U, Neo Owner...Hugs!!

Just a gentle reminder,
to whoever that currently is keeping all my precious secret, don't u eva 56x reveal without my permission. But, if u are really eager to know, I can do same thing too! Hikss.. Wink!! (U said this okies? So, when u said this, am sure u will not mad at me, if i do the same thing, should ur secret are with me one day..hehe...).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shadow ni dah lama tak nmpak ni...Rindu dah ni... Asek mendung je! Cemana nak nampak...

I'm here in d office @ 8.40am today! Wahh..It was an improvement compares to yesterday. Mimi came to my house @ 8.05am. Improvement to her too! Klu tak cik adik ni, 8.20am baru nak amik i?! huhuhu...

Came to work with high
enthusiasm today! But with a surprise news today, ehmm...turns me :(
Darling, i hope u still have feeling to turn back, okies? May Allah lead u to the best decision..

This week will be last week for Baie with IBA. Baie, promise me we'll meet before u go, okies!!

Proudly to announce that Vivy has renew her roadtax. Lucky, it was sticked after 1 day after renewal. Otherwise, i dunno how long it will takes to be sticked. Before this, abg helped me to stick it. But, everyday i forgot to ask his help. Mujurla ada 'Sticker Volunteer', tertampal akhirnye!! tenkiuss... ;)
Kirenye korbang bangung pagi aritu, dok rugi mende aa.

This week, plan to finish my backlog. The pending list are not that very big issues. But, it more to tedious work.
And, sent a few email just now. So, will be waiting the feedback.

What else aa i wanna say here? I have a lot of Rara's pix to show to u, Boo. But, looking at d time and plus, pic still in the camera, so i decided to upload in other entry. Boo, just wanna tell that my Rara dah bleh yak td. Haish, tp dgn bantuan ubat aa.. Ehmm, it's ok Rara, mkn betik n pisang byk2 ekk...nti bleh yak normal kay..

i wanna go shopping!!!!!!!!!!

Ehmm boo,
starting from today onwards, i have to be in the office @ 8.00am/8.30am. To follow government working hours.
For me, it's not hard to wake up very early, but again, d turn to take bath every morning!! This time, not to fight with Abg, but with Ayie who wants to go to school. If i take my bath after him, sure i'll be late. If earlier, sure sangap plak klu siap awal sgt kan :p

Okies, Catcha later..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rara Ateh takleh tido...Sakit peyut..takleh nak yak...haiyorkk, shian btul ateh ngk!

Listen this
A soundtrack from last Feb Dunia Baru The Movie.
Watched this movie with Mimi, Mek Jura and Lan.
And tonite, this song came across to my mind. Dunno Why.
Saja je kot gatey..ekekeke...
2 sentimental songs tonite, Boo...ahahaha...Apo kono ni...


Sejak dari dulu ku mencintaimu... Kau tahu begitu namun kau masih berpura..
Ku masih teringat kau peluk diriku.. Yg telah membuat ku menyintaimu..
Sudah berapa lama diriku ini tak bertemumu..
Mungkin ku harap jua kau merindu ku sebagaimana ku rindumu..

Cinta antara kita tiada penghalangnya..
Walau akhir usia ku menyinta dirimu..
Ku hanya menunggu mu mengata kau cinta ku..
Ku kan berjanji menyintamu sayang...

Setelah kau pergi jauh dari sisi.. Tiada ku cinta selain dirimu..
Ku ingin bersama denganmu selamanya.. Walaupun sehingga ke akhir nyawa..
Mungkin kau tak mengerti maksud ku dulu pada dirimu..
Kini ku kan menyinta dirimu itu sehingga ke akhir waktu..

Sunday, July 6, 2008

MAS DEARIE, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! 05/07/2008 - May ALLAH bless u and all the success with u always.. mwaahhxx!!! :)

My newly fav song, by Misha Omar. Called "Jawapanmu"
Love the sincere lyric plus the easy music which turn me to smile
everytime listen to this song!
Owh, anyway,my first time listened to this song-someone URLed me a VC of Misha Omar @ Youtube. VC of Misha's at HOT FM Big Jam @ Alor Star.. Haiyork! Alor Star ke? ehmm, awat dpt VC yg aloq staq?? Nak suh pegi lagik skali apa? hihihihi....


Saturday, July 5, 2008


Warhh...after no weekends for 2 weeks, i had a very awesome time today!
Afternoon, Went to hair salon (still remember d vivian? The sexy girl? ekeke...) for hair wash and treatment! Wah...enjoyed it! And night, body massage! Feeling-Am newly Mek Comey :)
Currently watching Honey movie. Jessica Alba, as a choreographer, dance beautifully!

How r u Alor Star mates?

Last Day with Farra Isma..
This is pic taken on my last duty at Astar, last week.

Uits, mimi tiru Mek Comey pakai purple aa..
Huh, abih kena ngn farra. Dia kata kitorg mcm staff Guardian??! Huh....

No weekend for me for the last 2 weeks...So, am goin to pamper myself today! Yeah!!

Rara making buah weih!!
Haiyork, misti korang tak paham apa itu "buah"!!
Yeee, semestinye bukan buah=fruits, okies..!!
Tu loghat ganu tu. makne nye, semakin aktif!Semakin susah nak jaga sbb dah reti meniarap kanan kiri dgn pantas nye!!
Sooooo difficult for Ibu to sleep her, know! Habis 361 darjah si Rara ni pusing atas katil. haish, Ibu makin kurus aa pasni, ibu! ekeke..
Mek Comey experienced bout 1 hour, waited for her to sleep. Dia dok meniarap n tergoleks kiri kanan tanpa batasan nye! I enjoyed her movement since everytime she moved from one place to another, she will look at me and SMILE!! Huh, COMEYYYY!!! It's a signal as well from her that she succeed moved from there to here n here to there.
And now, if she sleeps, all the pillow will be placed around her. There were 2 or 3 times that she 'meniarap' of all sudden! She was sleeping, after a while peeping her and there, she's already awake and the dangerous thing is, she's just at the very corner of the bed! Hah...sket lagik nak jatuh tauss...!

Boo, here are d "buah" pix...