Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Abg :)

It's Sunday! not evryone at home but at least, Ayie is here(walaupun tgh tido le lg). Since both of them(Ayie and Sheila) now stay at their college, so Gombak "sunyi" sket la weekend. Plus, Abg and Kak Sha now are bz preparing to move out to new house to Alam Budiman. So, weekend is time for them to do packing. This weekend, Ieya now at Cameron Highlands. Coti2 ngn Abg Li's Family.

She's now 2 years and 2 months...Ieya skrg dah makin ringan mulut. Ada je perkataan2 baru dr mulut dia. Aritu, abg citer kat Mama, baru je bgn tido, lps tu terus amik beg school and pegi to Abi and cakap, "Abi, school..." :) Kalau dulu payah nyeeee nak g school. Menggeliat lah, Yak lah.. tp skrg dah dia plak yg tak sabar2 nak g school.

Okies, to be continued, nak g saloon rambut. :P

Sunday, January 3, 2010

gile lama tak update....hopefully this blog is reborn this month for a new year...

Happy New Year - 2010

CUCI The Muzikal gonna be played again this year! Waahh, best nyee! bleh bawak papa mama pegi this time..insya Allah.. :)