Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Promise will never end till the end,yea...

It is my last day @ Kompakar today. Though only 3 and 1/2 half months there, i've learnt a lot. I've had d feeling of being a leader. Too short, but valuable! The chance that i might have to move further in Kompakar, am sure i will not regret to leave it now. Am really sure everything happen with reason and God do the best for what we have decided.

OMG, dont know y i feel so sad today to leave all the memories that i had here :( To leave u.
How hard i started my life and work here, that is also how hard i can forget all the memories with u here....

Thanks for all the support, helps and strength that i had all this while.
Let the gud things never last as the Lost song promise.

huhu...also, will miss the Ayam Kampung! Kans, mimie kans? :(
The cho che cho che yg best itu!
The char koew teow at Precint 9..

Wednesday, here i come with full energy! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009


I was about to shut down the laptop but suddenly remembered something...
Happpy belated birthday to me!! 5th March! hahaha.. Will Update pix mkn2 with family soon.. :p

Seminggu takyah iron Baju..huhu...Smue dah siap iron!

Huhu...Kalau tak update, sebulan haa tak update! Kalau dah start update, lebih satu entry haa update sehari! :p (Haa tu jgn plak baca mcm Haaa nada si Nasir Bilal Khan ye..hehe..)

I just had my dinner. Yes, very late at nite! Since not gud to go to bed now, so thinking to blogging something. Wups, i have an email to write to my boss anyway. Takpe aah, sok je aah...Haishh!

Okies, Here are the pix, d last day with Kakak @ KLIA airport. Huhu..just before that, a nite before, Kak Faizah, Mimi and me helped to pack her things, till at 1 am. Ksian Kak Faizah, merah2 dah mata dia. Tp cuba kasik nasik beca! Sure semenggah je mata dia mek oitsss...hahaha...

The next day, i came with Vivy. Kakak and me had breakfast at my fevret place, Kedai Rimbun @ Kg Melayu. After she settled all the house thingy, we drop by at One Utama. Kakak wanted to buy sandal that she has been wished for a long time ago. Tp, takde rezeki jugak. Dah abis kot... ehmm... Then moved to KLIA.

Byk luggage kakak ni. If am not mistaken extra 14kg. Tp, kalau dah ramah tu kan, mmg tak pelik la she got to pay only 9kg! Haha...ayat apa la si Kakak ni pakai :p
The purple blouse, Mimi's mom. i love d fillet chicken there. Best nggoh!

Ok, d last gud bye to Kakak... Abis smue org angish....Hope to see u again,Kakak... :(

End story of Kakak...

My new phone..Introduce u...

"Tepon lama tetap dalam ingatan" ;) Wink!

The New Of Iman Zaheera. Lawa baju ni,kans? A present from kakak for her birthday! Nice one,Kakak!

She's sleeping now and i miss her soooo much! She just in our house anyway,hahaha...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here i come back....!

Assalamualaikum... :)
After a month plus, i have left Boo alone here. But am sure frens were visiting her though was not updated with a lof of story of mine and ppl around me!

Had a very tough time with new job that made me had not enough time to be here. Ehmm...am sure, i'll have that time back in a few days coming ;) Ehmm.... :p

To make it short, here's some updates from me;

1) Alhamdulillah, My beloved Vivy has come back home. Just a reminder to u and me, dont speed and love urself,yea!

2) Iman Zaheera now is 1 yr 4 months 2 days. She now enjoy walking and notey tahap gaban! Ateh sayang, Zaheera!

3)Kakak went back to Sabah for good! She just tie the knot on last 21st March with Din. Selamat Pengantin Baru, Kakak. Although everyone here weren't there on ur wedding day, we always pray that u gonna have more loves and happy days there! I miss u, Kakak..so much! U know, this is my 2nd weekend without going anywhere! Huh! Kalau tak, mmg tak lekat kat umah, sure kuar ngn Kakak nye lah.. hiks!

4)Yea, what's next..Ooo, i've bought new phone! Hiks! Nokia express 5800! ;) Wink!

5) Iman Zaheera's paediatrician (Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie, 53) passed away. If u read the newspaper, 2 Paediatricians From Ampang Puteri passed away which is believed during their hiking at the Bukit Taboh, Ampang.

6) Before Kakak went back, The Gurls and me planed trip to Malacca! 2 days and 1 night. Just like a present for her as she never been here before.We had happy time tahap gaban along the trip! Should plan this again,yea?

Mimi and Me with Neo. While Mama, Kakak, Jura and Kak Faizah with Nabira

Pregnant Mama (5months) - not even a single time had problem with her baby. Guuuuuuudd~~!! ;)
Cuma skali jak mlm 1st day. Tak tahan nak kench. bantai jak masuk hotel kat town tu tumpangs sekejaps! Hiks!
Stop for breakfast @ Jejantas Ayer Keroh. Me was so lapor...
Cik Jura with her new baju purposedly for Malacca Trip :p

The driver of Nabira. The owner of Nabira. May be she "tapau" all the junk food in case of 'ngantuks'. Tp mcm tak sempat ngantuk kot, sbb Kakak and herself dont know how to stop talking. So, 'al-mustahil' mengantuks :p

Yea, here we come Malacca. Neo lead the way. Thanks, Papa for the Map. Hehe...
Ehmm..after check in to the Emperor Hotel, we moved to town, But dont know y always lost the way to go town and come back to the hotel Haishh... Sure, 1 hour go and 1 hour back! Ekeke....Malus sungguhs kalau org taus kans,gurls? :p

The cute momment where Kak Faizah enjoy "gores" the parking ticket. Hahaha..cute gils ngk dia suke!
Ok ok..Everyone was starving for Food because it was 4pm already! huhuh...Sampai kan ada yg nak order 2 pinggans..hehe..

This is @ Dataran Pahlawan if am not mistaken. Love these 2 pics

Crying to ride beca. Haishh, who was crying for that? U guess!

Kak Faizah n me share a ride. Sumpah rasa mcm tourist bile "ride" ngn dia nih! Abis smue benda dia tanya. Bab Ketapi zaman jepun, statistik baper ramai naik beca sehari, hari biasa, hari cuti, hari perayaan. Asking bout all the building that we saw. And the way she smiling while riding! Mmg rasa mcm tourist lah! :p

Love this pic below too

Muat tau kitorg share 1 ride...Haha... :p
Mama still got the power!

OTW to Ikan Bakar. Ponek dah ni...

The Menara Taming Sari

Breakfast at Hotel
The gurl which we celebrated it for! Kakak, i hope u enjoyed and remember the trip foreva,yea!
Penat nih nak set auto capture kat camera and phone memasing nih. Berapa lama ntah dok abis masa kat sini aje neh..
@ d Eye on Malaysia

Uhu...Love this Pic
This ride, ada sorg abg kat situ "berkenan" baik punya ngn Kak Faizah. Ha...tu la...saper suh start bye2? Kan dah takuts dah nak ngk lps tu... Hahaha...

Bukan nak perasan. tp kalau dah the gurls bgtau suke pic ni. Haishh...Takkan la nak menolaks kans:P
Huhu...Love this too! Comey nggoh 2 org budaks ni kans:p

Then, we left Malacca with all the sweet memories...