Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iman Zaheera... Ateh rindu...!!! :(

I just reached my home sweet home from Office. I'm so happy that i manage to write this 2008 last entry. I wanna say bye-bye before 2009 come.

Well, there are a lot of memories over the year 2008. Full of colors of Happiness :) plus Sadness :(
Doesn't matter what kind of stories, problems, fights or cries, it will always be d precious experience that will grow me up to be a better person for the upcoming years. Waahh... Sounds very ambitious, rite? ( Macam Poyo taks?hahaha...).

But, i can feel this 2009 will be more tough for me. With a new job just a month before the new year, i can say that a lot of new things and skills i need to catch up. There will be no turning back. And there are of course other things that i am looking for which i dont have to reveal what it is here, okies?
There is always a good things waiting for u, Mek Comey. Think Positive!! Huhu...

I think i dont have to thank to all who always with me when am in Puzzle. Because i always thank and love them every soconds i breath.

However, before 2008 close the calendar, i wanna make some diferrent where this time, I Thanks to all who always brought me into crisis and difficulties. U showed me how to be a professional in works when u tot u are the expert.
U have grown me up to be confident when u being emotional whenever arguements occured between us. U taught me to be a gud person when u too concern about the unnecessary things.

Ehmm...Praying for the gud things are waiting for me for this 2009.
To reply Jura's comment on my previous entry.. Huhu... it might be me!!! ekeke :)

Boo...And Mates.. HAPPY NEW YEAR...!!!! :) :) :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pn Azura....Congratulations..!!

D Day that i've been waiting for! Jura's wedding with Somakkk (Wandy). Ni Wedding ni kira penutup tirai for d year 2008.
For next year, agak2, mine will be included or not? Winkk!! :p
Oitss..mana bleh cakap..tak surprise laaahh...huhu...~~

Cant sleep d nyte before. Was so happy to go there. Was so excited to see all mates from SGB and AMP. Was so happy to go to Malacca as well..(Tp, tak jadik..sbb dah lewat sgt smpai kat Wedding tu and plus, Kakak have to be in SGB back...)

Me woke up early as i can. Need to do something before Kakak reached my house. Kemas kasut2 kat bonet and took it out. Konon nye, nti ada space la kans nak letak hasil shooping kat Malacca tu. huhuh... And tried to put Jura's present inside there. Tok Muak, Besor sangak utk Bonet vivy hok kecik tu..

Kakak, Jura and me in Vivy on d way meeting the other 7 cars at Serdang stop.

The long Q. Was a very heavy traffic on dat day. Sbb nye, Kemangkatan Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Ja'afar Tuanku Abdul Rahman (1922-2008). Ramai pergi menziarah rasanya.

Ada plak tyre pancit kans..iesk2. And myself, asyik nak g tois je keja nye.huhuh...

Presents all the way bring from KL
Sesat for a while..And...Finally, reached there around 3 o'clock. Fuh! What a big crowd! Meriah tu,mek...!! Siap ada banner besaq!
Tiba2 ternampak baju puple terang tgh pose kat atas jalan bukit tu. Laaa..Pengantin!! Tgh sibuk bergambar rupenye. Tak smpat ngk mu sanding,mek.. Sesat....Huhu...
Umah atas bukit tu mek ni...!! I love the surronding there. Sejuk je.
Smue lapar..ekeke. Thanks to Edy who snapped the pix while we were eating.

Ni la pengantin...Mek Jura.Lawa mu,mek!! :) Senyum je muke u aritu. Mmg muke puas ati! hehehe...

Ni ka kot antara bakal pengantin next year? ;) The first left pix below. Wink!!
Candid! I love ur pose! ;)
The single
The married

The gurls... Ehm. yeah, the single as well ;)
The..The Happy Family...

To Jura and Wandy...Congrats again. Love both of U. Smoga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat... Amin.. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vivy....Nanti ada surprise utk mu...Hiks!!

Finally, today, i remember to say it here that i really wanna go for Puteri Gunung Ledang Theatre!
Heard tickets are still available! Hmm...Frens, anybody wanna go along?

Banyak nye cuti. Khamis, Isnin, Khamis...bestttt

Nok kate bangung lewak, awal doh rasenye. Tp, lewak jugok sudoh siak! Hish.
Bakpe dok lewaknye? Bangung2 je, goleks panas suam kat bawoh semetor. Sambung tido skek g atah sofa pulok. Bile bangung, HISH...Loncak diri lalu. G bilik air teghuh aaa..
Masuk je jalang hale ke Tawakal tu, Huiisshh...JENG!!! Banyok nggoh keta.
Debor duk-dak sebetor aaah... Moral of the story, goleks tu boleh. Tp kalu bulih, goleks atas simen. Jangang atas sofa. Terbabah....hihihih... latihan utk Kakak. Latihan di kala rindu kat Mek. Utk Abe and Mama punk pun bleh.Sesapa saja lah yg baca blog ni and merindui Mek Comey. KECUALI...SEORANG ITU SAHAJA..!! Grrrr...

Pahang ke dok tu? That was all about when i woke up
this morning. That's the long story. The simple one, Korang, Mek Comey makin Comey!!! Hhahaha... Kalau korang tak paham, Abe tu bleh translate tuh..Mung Abe dok soh nawok pulok deh..dushh...!!

Eehmm, what a lovely day today! I'm loving it!! ;) Hoping that this feeling will end forever. First week has passed.
The first day of 2nd week went out very smoothly and calm! Alhamdulillah. Thanks yeah! :)

New year is coming! Have u all achieved your Azam?

These are my 2008's and its achievememt;
1) Kerja tak membatasi utk mendapat cara hidup yg selesa-----> 70% achieved. May be this new job will 100% completely.
2) Tak cpt marah n bleh bersabar-----> banyak lagik kena improve nih
3) Bleh jemput kawan2 to my BIG DAY!! :) emm, wish i'll be someone's special for the rest of his life.... :)---> Haiyork! kena byk belajar jadik lembut and ayu. Baru bleh tercapai nih this year! this year? ekeke...confident tu! Hihihi...

New 2009's;
1)...... ,..,..,
Still have in mind before i share

Monday, December 22, 2008

Miss u all in SGB... Miss all mates also... Minggu rindu apa? :p

Assalamualaikum :)
Feeling like something different when blogging tonite. Ehmm, may be bcoz has left Boo for quite sometimes.
However, i will not stop from Blogging! Fighting! ;) Boo, Mwahss

Okies,Boo. There were a lots of things happened for last past weeks.

I've joined new company where i feel so-so with it. U know, the feeling of acclimatisation with new place. I has been a week there. Too early to describe how it is. The most different thing is now I have to go out from home at d time where i used to wake up from bed. Huh...Seb baik ada water heater.ekeke...

Just came back from Cameron Highlands with beloved family. For 3 days and 2 nights. Gambo byk giles amek. Tp, nak load ni, Haish..kemalasan sedikits sbb sok kena BANGUN AWAAAAALLLLL!!! Huh...Grrrrr....
Zaheera is now in the stage of "Angkat bonts and try to stand ikut suke dia je kat mana2 pun" :p She has 2 teeth above and 2 teeth below now. Makin cute..Mcm Ateh dia..ekeke... Jura, walaupun i dah takde kat sebelah u dah skrg, tapi keperasanan kecomelan i tu tak dapat dihakisi...ekeke...

Haaa..Ni jura punye pasal,Mek Comey dah berjangkit ngn dia. Mcm dah kaki warehouse sales plak rasanye skrg ni..hiks!

What else ehmm?
Ooo, we gonna have a big convoi on this Saturday to JURA'S WEDDING!!!! Yeayyy!!! :)
1) Cant Wait!! cant wait to see Jura and Abg Somakkk.
2) And Cant wait to see u girls and guys from SGB!! RINDUUUUU!!! :(
Oits, nti kalau korang dah pakat nak g kul bape and jumpe kat mana, Jgn lupe bgtau Mek Comey ye....
Lagi satu, KORANGGGG, NAK BELI ADIAH APA NI KAT JURAAA? Cepat pk...Cepat pk... Mek Comey ngn Kakak pegi beli pun takpe...
Eh, her theme color is Purple, rite?

Uits, it's 15 mins to 1 morning. See ya...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lots of pix to update...eiii, bile bleh load ni...!!! gambo si Rara aaa byk..

I miss u all out there.
My Family, number one!
My girls at SGB, number two!
My " ehemssss" too...
The new routine now limit me to blog nowdays...huhu...

Anyway, am hoping for gud thing to happen as a present before year 2009 come;

What's coming?
-Birthday Rara
-Family Day, Cameron Higland


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 weeks more to go...Haishhh....


Ateh will upload more pix later yeah....


Here am back after 1 week in snooze mode.

ast saturday, one of my fevret users in SGB, Medical Assitant (MA) Mazlan, get married to a Nurse from Alor Star hospital. Reached after Kakak, Lina n Fikri. Later, Mimi and Abg Nizam & wifey join. Perrghh....mmg bising aaa table tu. Dah ngk ramai yg datang, we moved to bawah2 pokok2s plak. Dok ngusik kakak yg best tu. Last2, she were d one who assigned to be d photographer...kes3... Tp, if u really look at Boo, her pix is still the most that have down there. Wink...

We waited untill the double bride&bridegroom came. U suits d color, Lan! Love to c u both with d yellow.

Her sister and bro in law

Before 3pm, we moved to Rara's house. For her birthday makans2...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ramai ni birthday ni... Rara (27Nov), Ushu (28 Nov), Awok (3 Dec), Mummy (4 Dec)....

This princess has not been the air for quite sometimes.
Ateh bz sket, syg:)
Counting d days for her 1st Year Birthday....2 more days to 27 Nov

With her earliest birthday present from Awok n Tatai...
Dia mmg tak sebati lagik dgn toys tu. Asyik bz ngk tayar je.
Pastu kaki sebelah, dok confident letak tarok kat atas. Ate igt ada tukang nolak keta nye ke, Rara oitsss..

Thursday - Big Meeting... Gud Luck to me...

Many Thanks to u who give such a luxury chair to us.
Without all the louds, we couldnt get this comfortable...
Sila la louds lagik... Hiks..!!

Abe, mek suke abe aritu. Dalam rama2( maksudnye, ramai2), abe tulong bukok plastik Mek Comey je..Hihi...
Mek happy.... Mek Siap gayuk tepung lagik...Saye ko abe nih...Wink!

Nak Eskrem Cornetto....Malam td beli tak cukup satu...Sok pagi, first thing first, cornetto....

Last Saturday, our beloved Gda has tie d knot with her hubby fendy.
May Allah bless u both.

Gda, u look good. So do d husband.Admire their calmness.
Kompang dtg lambat pun, cool jak! Fendi kena balik outstation malam tu jugak pun, still cool jak..!

En somakkk oitss,
wifey to be awak ni training jadik pengantinsss ni aaa..
Kalau sebelum ni, kat opis, asek senyum sorang2 (prektis laa tu..prektis..), tp masa kenduri gda tu, merasa la ala2 mock up gitusss.. Hiks!

Pic bawah ni yg buat en somakkk tak tido malam lopeh ni....Wink..

Rite after the wed, as in have lifetime membership of Jalan TAR, Kakak, Jura and me went for shopping. Again!!
Ekeke..what did i buy? Hihihi...pendek citer, bak kata kakak...bleh buka gerai jual tudung ni bahh... Hiks!

Next kendss...MA Mazlan-user SGB from ED..30th Nov

Next lagikss...kita bawak rombongan besar pegi Pilah yoooo.....
En Somakkk, here i comee!!! ekeke....hhihi, Cik Jura, den tumpang lalu... Wink....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mek Comey was d opiss... At 6 am...

Bday 'Makang2' for 4th quarter of d year - En Azli, Fikri, Shahilan, & Aza.
It was a tremendously happy times there. Everytime was very excited for d pot luck party. Most of us brought food. Yummy-yummy one!

Yang paling tak tahan, Sardin Roll kat atas tu. Haish.. (Geleng kepala kejap).
By 1pm, setting up the table. Smue org dah ready nih nak makan2 nih. Pastu lah kans, baru la tersedar si Jura ngn Kakak takdo. Haishh(Geleng kepala lagi skali).

Mek Comey: Hello, mek! Kat mane? Orang smua dah nak mkn nih.
Jura: Alaa, kejap laaaa. Tgh goreng ni.. Saploh miniiitt...

(Lagik geleng....)

Lamo jugak la dok menanti 2 org nih. Si mimi plak psycho p call Kakak.

Mimi: (tak sempat hello)
Kakak: Sudah sampai nih...

Kes kes kes...

Lps la dtg 2 org dalam gambo ni...

baru la bleh makans kann....( Angguk kepala)

Mates, Lets do it again next time :)