Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shiloz bithday is coming... tomorrow-2nd Sept

Tonite is the first nyte of terawikh. Anda anda semua pergi kah? ;) Bagusss!!
As i have the license for not going, i went to OU. ekekeke.... Again, for Big Apple. Today is the last day for the coupon; Buy 12 free 6 or Buy 6 free 3 or Buy 6or12 get drinks with RM2.50. So, with the last 3 coupon, bought 24 pieces. Hahaha...best2!!

Rara went there too.But she just waited in the car. While queuing long at the counter, received SMS .. 'Alert! Alert! Rara sudah yakyak'... ekeke... :p So, once i paid, moved faster to auto pay. Haiyork...the machine plak buat hal.. Dok tgh repair apa ntah. While waiting, started received SMS one by one wishing Selamat Berpuasa. Rajin nggoh diorg ni kan. Replied back to them. To all, again...Selamat Berpuasa ek! Niat Jgn lupa yek!

Then, drove home. Safely reached home at 10pm. Shian si Rara, ngantuk sgt smpai tertido dah dalam keta. Yakyak pun bleh tido. Penat sgt la tu ek Baby Ateh ni...

Owh..anyway, it seems like i will have no Baju raya this year. Tailor kat Ganu tu dah tutup kedai. Haish! U know what, her reason is 'Nak jaga cucu. Tak smpat nak amik tempahan'.. Haishh.. So, sendirik mau igt la kan,Mek Comey.. Ehmm.. while watching TV with Papa Mama, she said, ' Tahun ni raya, color Purple la ek'.. Ehmm... Purple... ehmmm...Heard this before.. ;)
Dunno la, aura nak raya takde mari lagik la. Nak beli baju yg dah siap ni, mcm payah la plak..huhuhu.. Kang sana sini tak kena, al susah..
Papa said.. for 'Mek Comey' wed, kaler apa plak nti.. Haishh... Next topic, pleaassseee... :p

This year, Raya will be more happy since we have Rara in the family. So, the focus will be at her. Even now, she already have a lot of Baju Raya. Tinggal nak belajar cara 'Amiiiin....' and 'time kaseh' je.. No worries, Rara.. Bab nak salam2 tu, Ateh ngn Ushu bleh ajar. Nak Ateh tolong 'salam kan' pun bleh..ekeke... (Maghoh abi ng ibu, mu Rara) :p

Another Public Holiday tomorrow. of now, no plan. We'll see..
Okies..nyte2!! ;)

Lagi sebulan nak raya! :p

Sunday weekend just rest @ home and feel like going out. Sehari kalau tak kluar, rasa mcm lemas la plak. Just deleting pix in my phone. Next time nak snap, takde la berzaman gaban nak tunggu save kans.. hehe..

Seems no pix at the momment, so this is time to 'bebel' whateva coming across my mind. hehe..
Ehmm.. well, there'll be one more mate resigning. Ehmm, in next 2 weeks, will be her last day. She is Mummy!! Ehm, As a team mate, it's hard to lose u, mummy. Since we've been working together quite so long. But in other words, am sure the new job has better offer for u who i know is very ambitious person! :) To the mates who still in SGB, i know that everyone is looking for new job. And people around me too.... Ehmm.. smue2 lah tgh carik keja lain.. Tak carik pun, being offered with offersss...Saya tau itu! Huh! Ehmm.. Haishh..! ( Sigh)..

For me, i just dont have any feeling to resign and go to new comp, at this momment. All is about lazy to update new resume, go for interview or exam. But, where in this world, u can get this professional job easily without going through all this stage? Kans? So, ehm...for me, just let time and heart to decide for me. There will be a time for me to think bout this one day. For d company.. dunno y the resigning thingy is not the big thing for u to stop! Ehhmm... best players are getting less and less... Ehmm...

Owh, anyway, all muslims will start fasting starting from tomorrow. For a month! Selamat Berpuasa to all! Alhamdulillah, we still have this opportunity to do our 3rd Rukun Islam. Malam ni start bangun sahur la smue.. :)

Okies...goleks time..Ehmm.. (mcm nak g OU je ni...)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mcm tak bestttt je rasa...eisk!

Saturday evening with Rara. Makin Nakal this gurl. Makan pun dah byk. Biskut 2 keping sekali makan. Gudd gurlll!!!

I was the one who played with her while giving her milk.

Syy, pricess is sleeping..Sweetdreams...

Iman Zaheera who is now 9th months 3 days. ( Huhu...Btul ke ni, kak sha? Asyik silap sokmo je kalau tang umur sisi Rara ni..hehe...). What's new bout Rara? Oghang ganu kata, pandai duduk ccongok! Tp, org key ell nye, dah pandai duduk :p
Si rara ni, merangkak pun tak lagik. So, we r all just assume that she'll be able to walk after this. Skip la yg stage merangkak tu..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mimi...apa maksud JT mie...? Bukan Jururawat terlatih, Mie..ekekekek

Assalamualaikum... has been 1 week, i had not update u, Boo.
A lot of things happened for this week. To recap back here, it will take me hours to diary. But, for d photos, i will.

What is the latest news, huh? Okies, Rara is here. she had gone back to her house on Sunday nite. And tonite, Thursday, she' here. Reason to be here before weekend, she's going to clinic tomorrow for injection. But, pity u my dear Rara, she's having flu. Said someone, 'Macam tau2 je dia nak kena g clinic tu. Demam siap2, takmo pegi'. Ekeke...

Yeah, proudly to announce that i just ate Big apple! Ekeke.. Y? Was starving for it for 3 days. Lamaaaa tuuu..! :p
7 pieces for tonite! Hiks! An unplanned visit to OU when abg said he was on the way back from his office to his house. So, we met somewhere near to my office and took the Big Apple coupon. There @ OU, bought 12 pcs free 6 and 6 pcs free 3 and 6 pcs free 3.Total 36!! :p
Haish, just imagine the 6 boxes on my hand? Ehm, came to my tot and SMS my bro, 'Eisk, ni kalu ada orang nok ngorak pung dok jadiknye. Tengok banyoknye makan donut! 36!' huhuhuh...

Anyway..'Still Not too late to say here , 'happy belated birthday' :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Am going to Serdang tomorrow, mates. Will be back to SGB before lunch for the demo

Am still in front of my pc @ this time, 1.55 in d morning. Supposedly to do my works. Tp, mata mcm kena gam! Haish! Not even 1 document is opened. For the last 2 hours, what i did were;
1) Stamp the BCP - Tuan BCP (Mimi), Dah siap...!!! Jgn buli2 lagi yek!
2) Browsing YouTube
3) I've just replaced my notebook with better one! I love d new one very much! Compared to previous, it has to always connected to power point to be used. But, for new one, no need! The helpssss, i really apreciate it! ;) So, tonite, House Keeping work to d Outlook. Ehmm, currently, it's progressing well... ;)
4) Masak Maggi
5) Makan Pengat pisang mama
6) Am worried, why i ate so much! Haisssh!!

Anyway, these were all because i didnt have mood to do work. But, really have to. Eisk!

Okies, need to start my work now.
Anyway, waiting for the 7th list. Let's see whether it will be happened or not.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's d theme color for Raya this year? Kena ikut rara la ni..hehehe

Assalamualaikum, Boo :)

Yeah, arrived office @ 7.57am! ;)
Shiloz went back to her campus last nyte. Sorry,sis. Tak smpat nak mwah2! Tapi, $$ tetap smpat dihulurkan. Mama, nti 'Mek Comey' ganti.. ekeke...
Reached home lastnyte and papa inform that mama and him are going back to Ganu on Sunday. Al jadik ibu surti la i hari ahad ni. Menguruskan rumahtangga..
So, saturday another round to Jalan TAR but this time with Mama, Baju Raya for all grandma's at Ganu.. Haishh... Ermm, tu mcm hint gak tu ke 'Mek Comey'. Takkan la mama tak dapat apa2 from this daughter, rite... Ehmm.. Okiess! ;)
Haiyork, at the same on Sat, i have to attend SPA exam... Hihihihi....


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kakak, Makin hari, makin berseri2... ;)

What a beautiful date. Yeah, to some people, it just a number. But, for me, date mean something in life.Meaningful. If good thing happened on 'dat day', am sure u'll feel good or may be u might celebrate it when the date comes another year. Well.. there's nothing wrong to celebrate as long as it is not against Islam. ;) While, if the bad thing happened, it'll be vice versa. But, for some cases, there's no harm for u to just remember the date for the bad thing. To me, dont be too emo! That's it! Just think positive on it. Just like my every 15 August every year...

Okies, we are all going to accompany Ajura breaking fast! Tomorrow, 2 more days left, darling! Fighting! Mek, mu lumba ngn Mimi, mek... Nengok Sapa menang. hehe...

Boo, will see u tonite.. Haish...Hopefully!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mish Ya,Mek Najua..

Gud Morning! How r u, Boo
Here i am in d office at 7.52 am! The first one to reach for this shift! Wahh!! psst...Mimi, bleh ke challenge record 'Mek Comey' ini? ekeke...
Anyway, am not in a good mood now because person that supposedly meeting me this morning, seems like MIA (Missing in Action)..Haishh...Worry...Worry...Worry... 563x

Selamat Hari Raya..!! Yeay... 10 of 10..Finally!!!

Iman Zaheera who is now 7 months 22 days...

And gurls + me at Chillis, on the day of Olympic opening...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

150808-Happy 1st Anniversary... Wink!!! ;)

Less 1 hour to complete my day's out today (12pm-11pm). But for Jura and Kakak, it was 1 day plus 1 hour day's out (10am-11pm).. Wahh! We had a great moment. This was d 2nd time we went out to Jalan Tar together kan, gurls? The first one was during end March. But this time, we spent more time @ Sogo and had unplanned visit to OU @ 7pm. :P I bought Big Apple there. YEahhh!! After a week fasting of Big Apple...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wahh...I miss u,Boo!!! Sorry for not updating u for 1 week. D main reason was bcoz my phone were having problem. Serabutssss nggoh! Kaco bilau hati ini. And finally on last Sat, bought new phone, Motorola U9. Hiks! Tq...Suddenly remembered my reply when Mimi asked me to buy her new phone- 'Mek Comey' phone pun org beli kan, mie... Ekeke..tu la, provoke lg, mie...Igt phone mcm p beli fish kat Market kaa? Haa, Amiks jawapan!.... ekekeke... Tq yeah..Tq..Tq... Tp..Haish...

Anyway, Enjoy d pix below. Too many to write for what had happened last 5 days. These pic able to describe what were happened.

oits oits..To Miss Kuew Teow Kungfu and Cikgu Make Up!! Please la darling, i want our dating pix! bile Mek Comey bleh dapat ni? UWaaa,susah bangat mau dapat...Dushh...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sore sengau demam pun bleh jadik best ekk...

Start with Alhamdulillah + Smile.... But, end with Ya Allahh!!! eiiissskk!! Geramm!!
Why? Here it goes..
Just can felt a space to breath after morning meeting today. The deep breath after 4 months struggled.
And everyone in forum too (especially my team). Meeting that used to be every month, decided to be held once in 3 months for the next follow up meeting. Huhu..
Came back to 'office' and had lunch and cont work. Clock showed 15 minutes to 1700, received a call which turns me, Eiii...!!!
Not to mention here anything, but just.. Wait, i'll GABAN u tomorrow! Haishh!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Phone Mek Comey weng sudah... Off and On sesedap rasa... Worse case, i cant see who is calling me. White screen... Eisk...Gatey tau phone ni..

Wawawawawawawawawa...................i dunno what is happening to me! Everything is just like suddenly happened!
First, i got sick without any notice and suddenly sunday morning my body were suffered with 39 celcius.
And 2ndly, now..! Yeah now...all d clocks @ my house are showing 5.45AM IN THE MORNING!!! What daahhh am doing @ this time with Boo? Wawawawawa...(crying again..). Suddenly, i was awake @ 5.30AM. i did remember, i didn't get any nightmare which could lead to wake me up. Tried to sleep back. GAGALLL!!! Tried again. Still GAGALLL!! Haiyorkk!! I'm feeling high and very angry. I dunno how to let this feeling go. And i also feel to laugh!! Feel better. But, what do u expect me to laugh ALONE?? and plus, AT THIS EARLY MORNING TIME??..

Ehmm, abg just came out from his room. To prepare Rara's milk. He wondered y am i still not sleeping. Explained to him and he said may be bcoz of not enough sleep. it?

Azan subuh dah tu.. Emm...hopefully, my feeling will be back to normal after this. Kesian laaa kat sesapa yg Mek Comey jumpe pepagi ni kalau feeling nye begini ghupe pepagi ni... Kena fire gaban je tak pasal2 dek rasa nak marah tak tentu pasal ni.. eiiiyeee!!

This is d same feeling that i feel when i take too much caffein. But i didnt take any today.. Ehmm...kenapa la ni kan...

It's 6am...wanna take bath and get ready to work... Ehmm...awal pagi mcm nak g bukak pintu gate spital la plak...Haishh..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Papa Mama is coming back from Ganu...Mish u both...

With 39 celcius temperature and sore throat, am on MC today.
100 plus is about quarter to finish. Ehmm,this drink really helpful to bring me back to normal temperature. At first, i was so reluctant to take it! Yeah, what a bad taste, i tot. But, thinking that i wanna get well back, i just drink and emm...d tastem not bad.. :)

Anyway, frens, u take gud care of urself okies.. Mcm Musim demam je skrg ni... Kalau rasa lain mcm tu, cepat2 la take action, okies..
Anyway, Rara is getting better... Ibu kata, Ateh berjangkit ngn Rara..Haish, takde la. Ateh dah lama tak demam. Biasala tu :)

Abi jaga Rara arini.. Sbb ibu dah start first class ngajar arini.. Sungguh kebapaan sungguh abg ku ini...Tp, sifat ke"weng"an tu tetap Rockk!! ekekeke...

Haiyork..feeling sleepy...see ya..ZzzzZzZzzz

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Erna now 3 months pregnant... Congrats Darling

Rara shakit..She slept in her own way which can comfort her.

Below, she is getting better...

Friday, August 1, 2008

We have new working hours next week,mate... Be gud..!!

Dinner and breaking fast @ Chief Restaurant...

Eisk...sejuk gils smpai ke telinga..Next week bawak helmet g opis..

Rara is still sick!
The face, which made me sad whenever she react such feeling that not comfortable with her condition.
Ateh's baby doesn't like to cry. But, in this situation, u can see she crying with her so loud voice that could wake 100km away of neighbours up! Hihihi... Anyhow, she's so cute, sbb maaaaaaannnjaaaaa sesangat..

Emm, apsal kalau org demam suka memanja yekk? ehmm...(thinking...)