Thursday, December 27, 2007

LIVE 29/12/2007 at 00:00

Counting d days for LIVE! 2 days to go..
SGB will go live on 00:00 of Saturday, 29/12/2007.
With 1st phase, PMS is 1 of the module to go LIVE. May Allah bless me and hope i can cope with this new shift hours (as for now, 9am to 9pm) and handle all problems calmly. Amin.

So, will try to see u whenever free time, Mr Diary!
Gonna miss u! mwaahhsss! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This entry dedicated specially for Dearest Mama & Papa

---This is for yesterday's writing-17 Dec 07. But was kept in draft before publish.---

Already went to bed at 12am, but woke up only to express this awaiting feeling since how many months back. Seriously, I feel like I’m leaving everyone…

Initially, was thinking to have very good sleep-7 hours. Because my bed time is always 1am-2am-surfing d internet mostly. Tonight, entered to bed and switch off d light, saw my Tok (grandma) was sleeping. I stare at her face for a minute, then tetiba sebak!! Hmm…Teringat malam td, family, tok and I watched TV together. It was P Ramlee, Pendekar Bujang Lapok movie. Gelak2. Smua mcm happy sangat. I was d one who made coffe for papa and tok. Ok, here it start actually. Lately, my family always teasing me who always “gile kerja”. Rasa sedih sgt sbb diorg mcm taknak paham my work. Tapi, when I go to work, when not at home, I keep thinking that I’m suppose to appreciate to spend time with them. Don’t know y is this feeling comes to me lately. Mcm rasa kena buatan org pun ada kot. Na’uzubillah.. Tapi, itu la yg dimaksudkan masa awal2 td- awaiting feeling since how many months back. Malam ni, tetiba rasa boleh treat diorg mcm dulu2 balik. I feel guilty. I think I’m the one yg manja sket kat umah tu. So, bila perasaan takleh treat diorg elok2 tu, I feel uncomfortable with myself. So, now,I dapat balik feeling yg lama tu! I’m HAPPY WITH THIS FEELING! Alhamdulillah.

So, back to the story when I entered to d bed, sebak tu sbb teringat we had good moment together during watched that movie. Nana rasa bahagia sgt! Bleh borak2 ngn papa lama. Gelak2. Truth feeling. I’m crying so many time as well when writing this, Mr diary.

Alhamdulillah, nik I think u r right when u told me ada hikmah dgn sakit I yg 4 hari baru2 ni. I rasa fresh sgt and rasa hati ni pun mcm bersih sikit. And I rasa, mcm2 benda i terpikir.

Hari ni pun, went home early, 7.30 pm was playing with baby Ira. Kalau tak, kul 10 or 11 malam baru smpai umah. Kenapa balik awal? Ntah! I feel like want to go home and be with my family! These 5 days remembered me a lot to bear in mind back that FAMILY IS EVERYTHING and PAPA&MAMA the MOST!

Patut la papa bebel2 jgn gila keja, Boypren pun tak smpat nak carik kalau camtu. Rupa2nya, he reminds me that I’m getting far away from my family. Time with them averagely– 10pm/11pm-12.30pm during weekdays & No weekends with them! That’s it! Works, works, works! I should be thankful for having such this lovely family, but I didn’t appreciate it 100%. People outsides are looking for his/her mom and father’s love but I just can only ignore them? How useless I was! But now, nana berdoa sgt this feeling appreciation to d family wouldn’t be changed. Amin..

These 5 days as well, I was thinking to further my study. Buat masters, insya Allah. If people ask me before, I would always says, dah start kerja ni, malas la nak study. But because of this 5 days, teringin pulak nak smbung blajar sambil nak jadi tutor. Sbb apa ye? Because there will be more free time for me to be with my family. Kalau ada rezeki jadik lecturer, masa utk family pun byk nti. Takde la bz sgt kan. So, tgh try2 apply. For those who knows or have any ideas or advice on this, bgtau la ek.

So, as advice to myself, sayangilah dan hargailah saat2 bersama papa&mama selagi mereka ada dan berupaya. Dan selagi nana sendiri pun berupaya nak menjaga papa&mama.

Emm…I feel calm after expressing all these. And that’s y I was saying this entry like I’m leaving everyone. If it is a yes, I want my ever dearest Mama and Papa knows that I LOVE BOTH OF U VERY MUCH!! MWAAHSSS!!

P/S: To BK, i know u might laugh at this entry since aritu saya janji takmo emo sgt dah kan?Nak control emo kan?Hmm....tapi, actually what i'm trying to write is what i found after 4 days sick. Saya nampak kebaikkan nya...

Anyway, time can change. Mana la tau kot2 esok2 lain plak career yg i pilih lps ni kan..yeah, who knows? Only He knows

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sehak sikik...

Alhamdulillah,dah sehat smula slps 4 hari diarhea n gastric! Mmg insaf la takmo mkn pedas & nak mkn on time lps ni. To all who give me support all these while, tq! To those yg main perli2 tu, tak percaya, ikut suka lah! Was thinking to upload promised pix! Tp battery tak charge2 pun lg. Sowiii lee..makanan hamster pun tak smpat terjaga. Nanti ek.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby Ira naik 300 gram

Dashboard Vivvi Ateh dah ok! Aritu rosak takleh bukak. Tunggu 2 jam tu nak siap. Tukar nye skejap je. Dok nunggu barang nyer import dari kawasan mana ntah yg lama. So, smpat la berlegar2 kat shop houses sri gombak tu. Nak g McD, tapi kena berjalan p deret sbelah sana. Nak p Secret receipe, Sbb teringin Tom Yam Kung, tp mcm klakar g mkn sesorg. Nti kang, klu kena ngorat, cemana? hahahha..... perasan ateh! :p Then, beli beg utk letak phone. Kaler Meghoh! mcm kaler Vivvy tu. Sepuloh Hinggit je. Was searching for screen protector, tp takde. Sbb motorola W5310 tu model baru. So, takpelah.letak je la dlm beg tu.

Baby ira arini gud gurl. Tak nangis. Nangis bila nak nenen je. Ateh pegang dia smpai penat n lenguh2 dah. OOo, she's 300gram increased! Gud Gurl! eemm, battery camera ateh kong, so takleh nak upload. Sok ateh upload kay.
Adik kak sha, Izat, tido kat umah arini, smpai nxt week. Akan bertambah meriah bila tok akan smpai dr tganu selasa ni. hmm, speaking ganung aa taman gombak ria minggu depang! hik hik hik. Yeah...misti meriah nti..

Ateh nak tido dah...nyte!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Arini tak besh..

Still in UAT mode. We got 2 UAT.

I am frustrated with 1 of d test. It was 100% for few minutes n on hold without any explanation from our side. It's not d user who didnt want to listen. But, it's US not to explain. It's not unfair to me. And Zura might had the same feeling, i believe.

Not to say that i'm perfectionist. But, i think, i'm a person who always foresee problems and have plan to avoid it. Working with all these Lions & PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) mood of users,for me this could be at least 1 of the Keris Hang Tuah out of their 100 M-16.

So, for this test, i already foresee we might get fail. How did i know? No 6th sense. It was a big issue during Ampang UAT. So, it's lesson learn for me. No 2nd time for SGB!!So i asked my bosses bout this, but yeah, they are so-so into it. Yes,they gave answers. May be it's also my fault not that confidence to see the HOD, to explain all this. But actually, i did have a plan to see her but she's not there when i was available to ask her. I keep asking my bosses to change the script as it's contradict with user's flow. They said:

1) " Just let it be. Since Ampang now can accept the new flows which previosly as in war to get clarification"

2) "oh yes aa?no, if they ask, we'll tell them they should follow the MOH policy.

3) " Get the circular from Ampang" uh, when i check wif Ampang team, it's actually only verbal instruction from MOH. For me, we dont have

4) " Ok, we'll ask during UAT Script discussion with user". Owh, sadly, i wasnt there. Was somewhere, preparing the tedious print routing problem (U nkow, mcm dah cukup towaf dah dok buat benda yg sama). When i check, there's no issue for that script. Mean, d user agreed.

So, no changes in made.

Emm, i think i'm a type of person who not easily get satisfaction. So, before d UAT day, i planned to see d HOD & wanna get her approval for the script. Again, she's not there. Earlier, i was informed that my boss wanted to show d script to her. So, i asked, but i got irrelevant reply. Tanya lain, jwb lain la pulak kan...haish!! So, me, zura n the other boss met d MO. He did agreed. Good, now i'm well prepared for d UAT. I'm satisfied.

On d UAT day, d HOD wanted to cancel the already 100% script, after realizing that it didnt follow d SGB policy. Oh My God!! My heartbeat ran fast! And simply, i was instructed to get d script back for the MO to cancel d UAT result.???!!!!?? And sadly, no explaination was made!!

When i asked y? D answer:

1) " Let user fight with the MOH."

2)" We'll call MOH and let them to decide whether it's fail or not"

Oowwh, sungguh laaa unacceptable answer, for me! y? Because, y today only want to clarify if this matter was already foresee 2 weeks back? Yes, 2 weeks back! i did inform whoever responsible. Then, that's d reason i cried after d script was cancelled by user (For d bosses it's pass, untill MOH says to fail). Frustrated! Even to d MO, y dont u disagreed our script when we met u? And during d UAT u just agreed with ur boss that d script is wrong?

So lesson learn here, clarification need to be done from HOD. Though it's lion, u have too!

I know, ppl might say it's a poyo or not necessarily to cry on this thing. But only thing is, i'm tired of repeating d UAT. Pulak tu, dah expect awal2 bleh fail. Then, org lain tak pedulik. Last2, mmg fail pun. Besides, user will blame me not to discuss this with them. Who might get scolded? Not u bosses!! it's me or zura!!!! Dah la sikit punya susah nak jaga org ED tu. So, mcm mana la i tak nangis td? And it become worse, when d boss said:

" It's contradict??The way that boss said as in i never tell him bouth that. Laaaagiiii la i geram!! Yg i dok bising selama ni tu apa? igt tgh nyanyi ke apaaa? eisk!!

So, what happened, just let it be. It's a cycle & normal thing in working. The more u facing problem, the more experience u get. The more u know how to handle. The returns waiting for u in future.

They did comfort me back and even say sorry. TQ! tapi, takpelah, bagus jgk bising2 ni. Barulah dihargai sikit. As of my diary before, Ppl always take advantage on u, when we be good to them. Berdosa kan? huhuhu..

Go Go Gurl Power

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Mummy

My Mr Diary,
How r u? How u r? U r how? r how u? hahaha...gilos kan? that shows how i feel now. Up side down.
Overall,UAT goes fine. A bit frustrated. Bcoz So far, failure not bcoz of Application transaction. tp, sbb PC name tetiba berubah la, system hang la. So, Mr Diary, i dah mcm kebal dah (jgn bebal udah), prepare la mcm nak buat parti pilihanraya pun, klu sepakat tu takde, mmg tak menjadi nye. So, apa kita nak buat,kita buat bodooo je la. Mummy, mimi n zura...i think we did our best. So,yg fails tu, kita dah bgtau time post morterm meeting kan? so, biar je la diorg yg teruskan perjuangan tersebut.
Baby ateh? hmm...takbleh nak main ngn dia. sibuk dgn JD nye.(tido, mkn, tido, mkn...)

Below pix masa baby baru 3 hari

ooo, this are all me best collegues. kerja site kan. so, ddk la mana nak duduk pun...

Mummy's birthday-04/12/07
This was a surprise! mummy tatau pun ada abg wan n nia! smpai kan, mimi n zura pun terkejut bila nmpak i berjalan ngn mummy, hope u like it! n we love u!! mwaahss...:)

okay....nak tido...ZZZzzZZzzz...
owhh....Baby ira dah "tanggal pusat", erm, dunno what u guys called it. we terengganuian call that term. Pic, will be uploaded kay..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Short writing without pix.

Y took too long to c Mr Diary:
- Tenet kat umah ngeng+weng sll je "page cant be displayed"
- Bz ngn UAT prep yg 3-4 round ulang benda yg sama
- Smpai umah dah penat n almost everyday slept at 2am

- Sehat. Tapi tgh sakit2 lagi kesan operate.
- Makan eskrem yg dipelawa abi. Tapi, bila tanya mama, "sejjookkk....mana bleh mkn lagiii"...hihihi...terus pass eskrem kat abi smula....hehehe...kantoisss....

- Name : Iman Zaheera bt Adi Sazlimi
- She's fine n recovered from jaundice.
- Dah pandai bukak mata
- she likes color. especially red. Mata bulat baby ateh ni yee.. :)
- So far, only on her 1st day she cant be controlled. But now, she's verrrryyyy d veryyy gud gurl. Ateh shayang die niii... :)
- JD (Job description) : Makan..tido..MAkan..tido..Makan...Tido..hmm, how easy to look after her...senang keja ibu n abi ye... :) again...she's a gurd gurl

-I bought new phone, without plan. motorola
-gonna bz nxt week wif UAT

- 3 Dec, papa's bday. Rasanya, nak plan something for 3 in 1 bday =
27 nov= baby Ira
28 Nov= Ayie (happy belated bday ayieee!!!)
3 Dec =Papa

Finale Family name:
Papa: Awok
Mama: Nenek...(hmm, alamak, yg ni tak sure. sbb mama kat pasar la ni.lupa.)
Nana: Ateh
Seila: Acik
Ayie: Ucu

will upload pix soon :)