Friday, July 15, 2011

Alhamdulillah...Allah Maha Berkuasa....

Hola! :) I miss u..I miss u..I miss u, my sweet Boo!

Ya Allah.... too occupied with works and didn't have much time to see you, Boo...How are you? U missed me? Of course U was!! hihihi... Boo, do you know my fav Miss Fazura the sweet and pretty now back in series drama? Yes, 1 was (alamak...lupe..! Jap i tanya my fren yg tgh chat with me jap...bebeh~~~~~~~). Ok. it was Khutbah Cinta! oppss...alamak! salah....! Should be, Kitab Cinta... U bebeh, so notey! u laughed at me for my wrong title! Huh! And when even i have not asked u yet about the 2nd title, u have first teased me with...
Bebeh : cite tahajjud cinta setiap jumaat tu cam best. tahajjud ek ..., bkn tajwid cinta. mane tau kot u salah sebut nnti....ekekekeke

and this;

Yer ah kalo kitab bleh jd khutbah. apetah tahajjud td tajwid

You bebeh!!!!!!!! mmg i gelak sorg2 kat sini while talking with my dearest Boo ;)

The stunning of u!

And this is her in the "Khutbah Cinta" :p

Bebeh, this entry is meant for u! I said i had something for u right? So this is it!
I think U made up my night today by giving me "idea" what to write tonight! Tapiii...u mmg N.O.T.E.Y!!!!!!!!! hahahahahha

okies, i know u are still on leave, so go sleeeeeeppppp!!!!!! ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Alhamdulillah...the 1st phase led sucessfully.. Started with nervous but getting satisfied... ;)

Feeling highest to the sky...because...
1) dreamt of Glee Teacher - Matthew Morrison
and it was like this...
2) someone told me this " are a nice girl I came across in my life"

Hugs and kisses~~~~~ good nyte, Boo~~~~~ mwahsss!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Favaurite word Zaheera...."SEBAB?"

elok je cuti last 2 days tak buat kerja....Sekali, petang isnin start buat kerja, tak bleh berenti la plak...
haish...kepada cik diri sendiri, kenapa laaaaa diri mu amat menyintai kerja mu itu? haish..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

igt kan ujan2, org kuar lambat, so i cepat2 la kuar dulu.Rupak2 nya, org lain pun sama thought as mine! Org2 kat umah i tu, please jgn bgn awal dr i!!

Another crazy Glee's songs to me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Y suddenly my right hand is feeling cold??

Haish...was sesaja browse to youtube for Glee Clips (Off all sudden nowdays, fall in love into Glee singing!!).. and 1 of the clips i saw was the above one...

and im not crying, but my eyes are watering, OMG!!! :(

Friday, March 18, 2011

To Jura, I'll pray for you...May Mom and baby safe on welcoming him/her soon :)

Tsamina mina eh eh..
Waka Waka eh eh...

Cepat! Cepat! Teka y lah i nyanyi lagu itiewss? Yg nyanyi dgn nada yg btul je bleh jawab lagu apo sobonar eh.. Yg kalau ado yg melatah, di sobab kan "" tu, mako salah lah tokaan haaa... Yg raso2 berdangdut plak, nyobut "eh! Eh!", mako samo jugak lah...silaaaapppp~~~~ hahahaha.... (melalut ke? eh, suka ati den lah! blog den! hahahahahahah)

Lagu tu den nyanyikan sobab baru yo solosai nonton Si Johan and Zizan in the Raja Lawak Finale. Ado sokali tu, they sang that verse and Zizan Rap and it was awesome! :) And they are so talented in imitating Jamal Abdilah! for those who watched, u may agree with me. Oh yes, for my eldest brother, i am telling u that the first prize given to Man. Second place was R2, and third was Balas... Owwh he cant read this as this moment as he is still on his way to our Kampung with my beloved K.Sha and Zaheera... hahahaha....Tp Abg mmg tak pernah baca pun blog ni kan? takpe takpe...(ikut nada zaheera)... alamak! Ateh rindu Zaheera plak tiba! :( Cepat balik sayaaaaannggggg~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

Yeah... at this hour, i am still do not "ehem"! hahah...For those who knows my "1 perangai" after reached home from work, u surely knows what I mean ;p hihihi.... Alaahhh, jap laaaagii leeee.... ;p
Because i just had a feeling to see my Boo tonight. Ehmmm, what had inspired me to write? Think, must be i just fallen in love with 1 song...Again, Indon Song! (tatau nape suka bnor leleh ngn lagu Indon...but i think because it's catchy). Me, loves a song by its melody. Lyric will be number 2!

So,Here it is!

Don't really understand what this song is trying to tell...hiks ;p

All right, wanna tell u Boo something that was tiring but sooo satisfying! :)
Had a visit from Thailand Hospital ehmm, last 2 days in 1 of my site hospital! In front of Group of 30 peoples, Big Boss from Aussie, Local users and My Boss, me presented work flows and ushered them around the hospital. Tiring; Woke up very early plus walking and talking,BUT it ended with 1 cool statement "Well Done! Good Job!" from the Aussie Big Boss, which could make me like wanna do it 100 times again! hahahhaa.... it's a compliment i guess! ;)

Owwh...and Boo, if last year, was given opportunity to watch Cuci The Musical, this year, ASTRO MUSTIKA is kind enough to gives 4 tickets for me to go to Lat Sebuah Kisah Musical! Hiks! Yeaaaayyyyy!!!!
How i really wonder why all my wishess about watching theater will always come true! :) best kan? best kan? hehehehe...yess, besssttt~~~~
And anyway, heard from radio today that Tiara Jacquelina is ready to make a splash at the musical stage once again. "The Secret Life of Nora (TSLON)"...Ehmmm...may it becomes next wish comes true! Wink!

ooo..not forgotten, ASTRO mmg loves me very much because Last week i got 4 tickets to watch konsert hore-hore aznil! Winkk~~~~~

Hmm...mata pedihssss...nak tidoo~~~~

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heard in Hitz Fm this morning - New Zodiac; Ophiuchus, 29/11 to 17/12

Hahahaha...what a very TIRED DAY for me today!! And what a crazy statement; to laugh when i said A TIRED DAY? hahahaha... I am crazy tired today!!

Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Tired! Haish...

Just reached home from dinner with Gurlfrens Aini, Aida, Ina and her cute baby, Aiman. Ina, He is so lovely! He likes to smile and very attractive lah! Lirikan mata nya, aauuwww, sungguh menggudassss~~~ Hiks!

Aini!!!!!!!!!! U very notey gurl laaahhhh!!! I wanted to treat u for the dinner. But u main tipu!!! U buat kalut depan counter tu, terus i confuse! Huh! Kenapa u bayaaaaaarrr!!!! Last2 u belanja i plak dahh.....Gggrrrrr~~~~
Cheating tau u bebeh! Dgn pakcik pakcik tu confuse sbb i nak jugak bayar lagi. Hahaha... Anyway, thanks, time turn i plak.....U No! No! No! (Mcm cara zaheera cakap Okies!)

Just too missing my Boo and that is the reason y i am still updating Boo even though I am crazy tired!

Hmm...Monday night, I couldn't sleep. It was so hard to close my eyes. And the next morning while was driving to the office, received 1 good news from a best fren of mine! (Happy Face). Huh!! I am so excited to tell here...But...Syyyy...I think u wouldn't allow me to say it here, kans? hehe...Okies, just let it be our secret! Wink! And I am so happy for u, Dear! Patut la susah nak tido malam tu...Rupak2 nya ada gud news! Hihi...

Pagi ni plak, bangun2 je, dah 8.15AM! Adddusss~~~ Dah lambat! Tp yg best nye, bleh plak duduk termenung fikir jap btul ke arini kerja? (Note: Am a type of person who is very crazy to go to work!) Nanti kang tetiba dah siap mandi, Mama Papa tanya nak g keja ke cuti2 weekend ni? hahaha... So, fikir...fikir...apa lah yg bleh men confirm kan arini hari keja, so terfikir lah smalam ada cerita Awan Dania kans, so confirm la arini keja! hahaha.... Ngengs! Then baru la g mandi!

The monday, pun sama. Tak bgn lambat la tp nye. Tp mcm teragak2 keja ke tak aritu. So what has reminded me that that day was Monday; when I thought the day before I saw MELODI at TV3! ekekeke....

Sungguh memberi wake up yg bagus kepada otak ku sebaik sahaja bgn dari tido kans? Bgn2 je terus kena start Memory! hehe... Cargas! Alamak...This Cargaz word so remind me of someone...hmmm......

And what is about Zaheera...She also like her aunty lah! Aini. ekeke... Tu lah, aini, sapa suh u cheating tak kasik i belanja u tadi kan.. So, skrg, i dah samakan u dgn my beloved niece yg suka cheating... ekeke...

Zaheera doesn't want to go to school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
I was understood that Zaheera have to go to school now. BUT, everyday i will have a SURPRISE from my mom. She will send me MMS where Zaheera picture is in the picture and the picture is taken at my house!!!

Look at this selambe muka of this notey gurl.. relaxing makan jagung ye....tak pegi school tausss...

Boleh buat tanda best la plak kans? Haish...

And this was the day where when she woke up, mata tak celik btul2 lg, tapi mulut dah cakap;
"Abi, Zaheera tak nak pegi school arini..Zaheera nak pegi umah Tatai banyak2 dulu. Lps tu baru pegi school..."
Ibu and Abi: (Terpegun and tak sempat cakap apa2... Ter pshyco kejap)

Upss...Boo, I have bought new perfume! It's Femme! BOSS family still. Wangiii~~~~
Hmmm...mcm ada org blanja this perfume.. Tp ehhm...tgk dulu lah cemana...
The Gucci - FLORA, OMG, it is so expensive~~~~~ Blom lg la kot to own it..

Hmmm...nak mandiiii!!! challoossss

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Am gonna take u home tomorrow, Flora Gucci!! ;)

Dear Boo,
It was a really relaxing weekend! I loiikkeee... Tp ada jgk yg tak loikkee bile washing tak smua nye kering...mendung bangat arinih... haish... semendung cerita Isabella yg last episode arini... kenapa kata semendung? Sbb I angish...ekekeke.... apa lah! Tp kan, nak buat cemana... Touching tausss! Touching smpai ke jantung i tau, Boo...

So, dah abis dah citer Isabella. So, Aini, my guess that Vivian = Ben = Vivian, is correcto! The reason he changed to female is because he involved in bad accident! So his physical totally changed! Which part changed, not mentioned.. I think, y it didn't mention is related to his part changed also la kot...hehehehe...kans?

Once Sha told Isabella that the company is not belong to her father anymore, Isabella couldn't take it. She nearly jumped from the roof top. But Nazman managed to "pujuk" her. Ayah Isabella plak terus kata that "Anak kita kat atas tu" to Nazman's mom. Showed that he accepted Nazman. And it was a happy ending, where the loving couple seating at the pool and hugs! Wink!!!

Ehh...i think there will be no Isabella 2...Mcm yg mama tanya td. Sbb rasanye Rosham tak buat sequel slalunye kan? eh...Tp cerita yg kat TV 2, cerita ".....sara..." tu, ada season 2 kans?

Malam ni nak tido avoid thinking something that shouldn't have to.

Bye Sunday.
Welcome Monday!

Abi kata...Iman Zaheera pepagi, bile terjaga, tp mata tak bukak lg, terus cakap, "Zaheera tak nak pegi school arini..." (Abi ngn ibu geramsss...)

Hmmm...mcm rasa lain mcm je..
bila buat anak mata tgk the most left, rasa sengal..
Bila buat anak mata tgk the most right, pun rasa sengal..
Tu tanda nye apa? Tu tanda nye...I memang sengal....hahahaha...

Tak..tak..tak...tu slalunye tanda nya mcm nak ke arah kurang sehat...adusss...

Sebab minum nescaffe dua cawan ke arini?
Ptg skali..malam skali..hhmmm... (wondering)

Atau mungkin sbb To good to be truth... hmmmm... Senyap je satu hari arini...

Atau mungkin, kena amalkan gaya hidup yg sehat..., bile nak start exercise smula ni? Swimming? Jogging? haishh....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flora Gucci~~~~~~~~~~~ Here i come~~!!! Wink!!!!!!

My ex office mate has gone back to Him last Thursday, 13/1/2011..This was a very shocked news to me! Alif Ash Burn....ur name in FB...
Alif..I tatau pun u sakit...I rasa terkilan sgt2 sbb tatau u comma at the DEMC Shah Alam since 5 Jan/2011 :(
Until now, i still cant believe that u have gone. Too far. And i will never have chance to meet u anymore. Ya Allah..I am so feeling guilty to not know about u was sick! I tatau je, 1 day after u have gone. Din bgtau I that he was told by Jude that u dah meninggal! I mcm blur kejap...sbb I dont think that was true...
Then, I just called ur phone and wish that u would pick ur phone. But u didn't. I asked Mimi to check in ur FB if we could get some hint. BUT we saw all the condolence and sad comments from ur frens. Ya Allah..Innalillah.. quickly called Din and confirmed him.

We went to ur house, Alif..But there was no one at ur house. We saw many cars. We saw canopy which told us that u have left a day before. We were late!! :(
Everyone was hoping to meet ur family. To say sorry. To share the sadness. And to tell them that u was a very nice person. To me especially :( Alamak...sedey la plak while writing this...Sigh....Haishh....
Yes u was really really nice to me...I know u know that, Alif..And our frens (Mummy, Mimi, Zura, Nurul, Jida) also know that very much :)

Just tell what I wish, or what I want...U always want to complete it! hehe..
Tp yg klakar nya... kawan2 kita slalu usik u, so that u could not fulfill my wish..So ada je lah halangan u tu... :) Tp u tak marah...u layaaaann je...

3 things that will always remind me about u is U like to call me CIKIDA, CIKIDA... ehmmm...tatau kenapa kans?
And ur Guess Purse to me... for my 2007 Birthday present
Hmm..And the Irreplaceable song by Beyonce... "To the Left...To the Left..." haish...lagu tu u suka nyanyi dulu..hehe...and kita nye kawan2 yg smua nye weng tahap gaban tu suka jgk sing that song tiba2 je bile dah weng...ehmmm... Haish...How I miss u, Fren!!

Again, if u could read this..I want u to know that I am so sorry to not give u strength even once, when u was in comma...I feel very bad...Ya Allah...kenapa lah tak dpt hint langsung tentang u sakit aritu... :(

I will always pray for u, may u will be with the good man over there. Rest in Peace, fren..

Some memories with u..

Bowling at Alamanda Putrajaya on 2007..

McD Alamanda Putrajaya

hehe...i was laughing alone when saw this pix..
This was at KFC Jejantas Sg Buloh. Who were there, yea?
Alif, Siti, Mimi, Joes, Mummy, Myself, Zura, Nurul...hmmm...sapa lagi eh?
Ni masa ni kitorg lepak kat situ lps balik keja.
Lappy masing2 penuh atas meja...smbil makan...Smbil YM!
Duduk masing2 sebelah je...satu dok main conference chat jgk! ;p
Ntah cemana lah tiba2 datang la kabuts i tu kan, tgn terlanggar my drinks and was fall onto my lappy...Addusss...
Tumpah atas keyboard! Silence from everyone for 5 seconds! Then baru smua kabuts tolong pass kan tisu...
And yg ni sapa ntah ni smpat snap amik gmbar ni.. Smpat plak ngutuk i, smbung chat kat YM tuh...hahahaha...ngengs!
Lps tu...ada la "someone" advice to not open the keyboard and keringkan guna the hair dryer..
fuh...seb baik still OK lg lappy lps tu..

My SR Alamanda Putrajaya

And the day when he gave me the Guess Purse....

My mind just wondering, y recently i just have received many news about GONE?
3 are who i knew...2 are fren of mine.. 5 in total...
Haish...may be this is only coincidence only... Wallahu'alam..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missing my Zaheera so much!!

Holaaa Boo! ;)
Dah smpai umah dah.. Arini balik awal. Wanted to stay back at office but no one to accompany there. Kalau kat office lama dulu okies la, frens from other dept always go back late. So takde la takut kans...(iye...I penakut yee! Dah la penakut, bleh main imagine2 plak antu akan dtg dari mana, antu tu ghupe cemana, nti I nak reaction cemana..hihi...). But at this new office, they work at the different floor. So takde chance dah nak tumpang geng.

Tp tak terus balik umah. Got SMS from my sista. Pesan beli Woman's Weekly Magazine. Ate ade ke magazine tu kat umah I tu haa.. (Cakap gaya Leman Kg Pisang ye..). So, kena la tgk kat petrol pum and Seven eleven kat umah tu...
So, persinggahan pertama, fuel for my Vivy. When i was at counter, did ask the staff for replacement card / transfer point since i have lost the Bonuslink Card. He replied, just go to Online and report.. Then I said OK! Tp dia nak jgk bg I Bonus Link Application form tu tau...

Mek Comey: Eh...takyah la kan borang ni?
Petrol Pum staff: Amik je...buat kenangan borang ni...
Mek Comey: (Tiba2 jadik blur).. Owhh, OK! and terus p isi minyak..

Dah abis isi and start jalan, aadddusss...lupe nak tgk kat dalam Shell Mart...Kot la ada kan... Takpe lah...Tgk kat lain...

Then went to Petronas, looked for the Magazine.. Didnt have!

So, today is Wednesday and it is Pasar Malam Day here! Huhu~~
Bukan i suka borong apa pun...But there is 1 specialty which i loooiikkkeee very much!
hehe....Apam Balik Garing... Alamak...Lupe nak amik gambar! The difference, ia sangat lah nipis and krup krap krup krap ;} I bought 3 and i ate 2! hehehe.... Besssssttt~~~!!

Last stop, went to Seven Eleven and finally, they sell it !
Bought bread also, to eat with Paddle Pop rainbow ice cream tonight! huhu...
Here's the pix that i took last night...
(Ada masalah teknikal...takleh nak sync phone la plak..haish...nti later i upload in next entry)

And drove home with super excited. Bcoz cant wait to eat the Apam Balik Garing itu...Wink!

Ehmm..recently slalu sgt dgr tentang org meninggal...Lps sorg, sorg...Mcm berjangkit2...Risau pun ada...I pray that people that I loves will not leave me before I leave them...

Sleepy...Nap for minutes...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apsal la asal pagi je ujan...Asal pagi je ujan... So, mmg jadiknye, Asal alarm bunyik je tarik selimut...asal alarm bunyik je tarik slimut...

Went to site today for discussion with 1 of the Head of Dept in Emergency Dept (ED). But 20 minutes to its time, was called by colleague and informed it was postponed to tomorrow..hehe...That is normal to me. Their time is the patient's time. So, patient first, please! :)

Time=myself=busy :) Even though it's postponed, i was really occupied! Tp sket pun tak rasa tensen...may be sebab had a veeerryyyy good breakfast today! ehem.... ;)

Tak best la citer pasal keja kan...citer pasal lain plak...
Hmm...pasal apa eh? haaaa... td tgk Su punya kawan punya blog! There we can see how much is the value of our blog...So...takde keja kan..i try jgk... Mahal jgk lah...Mahal dari Su je la tapi nya...ekeke...

So, nti kan bile perfume i yg dah nak abis tu abis, boleh la i g pajak amik duit sket... eiish..mcm kejam je bunyik nak pajak blog ni...heishh...heisshh...Namoooooo~~~~~~~!!
Apalah..sendrik cakap, sendrik bebel! Mcm Zaheera la plak cakap sesorg..

Ehmm...cakap pasal perfume ni kans... Perfume lama yg slalu guna tu dah nak abis..Ehmm... Boss Intense... Tp lps ni takleh beli dah...sbb nak discontinue dah..Sad... last month masa jalan2 ada try 1 Gucci perfume.. Flora...the smell~~~ hmm.... niceeee~~~ :)
So tatau lg nak tukar perfume lain or follow 1 of the fren's advice, carik jgk kat mall mana2 yg tak ramai org, p beli..confirm still stock ada lg...

Ehmm...alamak...i have to go now...I have 3 sites to update the Status Update...
Thursday nak meeting....Team Meeting...Lama nye rasa tak meeting dgn team...This time, number become small..dah ramai takde...ehmmm...sad lagi....

Eishh....apsal sad2 ni... nak g turun bawah jap lah...makan eskrem Paddle Pop pelangi tu...huhu...H.A.P.P.Y!!! yeay!!! ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vivian tu Ben...Kan i dah cakap aritu...haish...Next week finale episode. So don't forget to watch Isabella @ CH105@Sunday 3pm, yea!

Boo Dearie,
It was so tiring day for me today. One after another issues to settle. But Alhamdulillah, managed to control all calmly. Even, I feel tasks are up to date and manageable now.

Last week, had a big opportunity which rarely offered by the company. But somehow, i prefer to say it was not my "Rezeki" and there must be "hikmah" behind it which failed to grab it. Insya Allah, next time...

To both my dear frens who I am sure you are the first 2 persons reading my blog today, and I'm sure you both know who the person is --->

"Uits, korang pun ada blog kan? Kalau tak, mana korang tau bile hari I ada update boo, kans? korang cepat aaa bgtau apa URL blog korang plak...Cepat aaa.... Cer citer, Cer Citer..Cer Citer...."

Aci tak nak g mandi japs? Baru nak mandii...hahaha.... Challoss..

Apa eh nak tulis title entry nih?

Dear Boo Diary...
It was a tiring weekend. But so worthwhile! Has done some cleaning, washing, ironing, bathing (Wink), and sleeping..hahaha...
Family and I just finished watching Anugerah Juara Lagu 25th. And the Award won by Ana Rafali! OMG...I think that is UNEXPECTED! for the last 1 week, newspapers, radio DJs, people's chit chating...they were talking about Faizal Tahir (FT) the most... but eventually, the result tonight am sure giving surprise to everyone, especially FT fan... Sabar ye peminat2 FT...Jgn la mare tak menang pun...dengar kata kolam besar kat atas stage yg dia terjerumus ke dalam tu baru bayaq, pakat ramai2 la tolong bayaq naaa... hehehe...just kidding... I like the gimmic! It's cool! terkezut jgk la kejaps... hehe... ehhmm...and Hafiz's gimmic...pun rasanye menjadik...i was like..." Ni gimmic je ni..., eh, ye ke gimmic? aalaaahh gimmic, tp mcm btul2 je kecoh atas stage tu..." hehehe.. Penutup mantap! Mantap nye i suka tgk cik CT sorg ZZ best jgk la...sbb mcm all out btul 2 org ni... yg kak Pah tu mcm haishhh...dah cuba dah ni mcm nak suka layan lagu dia mcm, alahaiii... lagu apa ni kak pah....mcm tak sesuweii plak bawak lagu gitu mcm2 anugerah mcm ni...haish... ke I yg tatau and tak pernah tau lagu u yg tu femes? Ampunnnn...

Owwh...Anyway, I bought new Baju Kurung again today! Ahaa! The first one was bought last 3 weeks! Now I have 2 new Baju Kurung which for kenduri kawens tak lama lagik ni lah...Uppss...not my kenduri...Wink! itu 2 tu tatau la cukup ke tak tu... Sbb dgr mcm ada jemputan lain lg nih... haish...Pinjam Baju Ana Rafali lah! Confirm dia byk baju kurung nye kans? penyanyi yg suka berbaju kurung masa menyanyi kata nye.

Tadi abg MMSed me this;
My Iman Zaheera sayang is going to school tomorrow. Kindergarten.
And i replied to Abang...
" Canteeknyaaaaaa!!! Jangan beg saja yg pegi school esok dah la ye, Zaheera sayang...hihihi"...
I hope she will be fine for the first day. She just turned 3 years last Nov/2010. So she will be among the youngest at the school. To mingle around with 4 and 5 years frens, I hope that would never make her been bullied, BUT more to train her to be matured and responsible sister! :) Ateh loves u! And alamak...ateh tiba2 rindu zaheera plak skrg :( huhuhu....

Ateh nak sleep dah.... :(