Sunday, September 28, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir Batin..!!!

Finally,the occasion that i believed was successfully becoz of Mummy!! She had this plan since last tuesday(if im not mistaken). Starting with asking the gurls to break fast together with Baie. Yerps, that's the reason she used to tackle everyone.ekeke..kan miy,kan? :p She said baie is going to join on Saturday. So, everyone when heard that name, dah lama tak jumpe kan, so try to make it la kan. Then, almost everyday she'll ask whether it is confirm or not.For Kakak n Jura, definitely they cant join since they are at home already by that time. So, Mimi and Me only. For Nurul, sejak dah berbadan 2 ni, kena rest byk tau,mama..hihih..

She booked for 6 of us at Chicken heartz. The gurls;
Kak Faizah-lama nye tak jumpe. Makin putih plak kakak sorg ni
Mastura-Nak dgr citer dia nak resign
Baie-wanted to listen to her 'story'. Wink! ;)

Yeah, since both of us dont know how to go to Sunway Pyramid from Mimi's house, then, mimi access her GPS with her NEW N95!!!.Huhu...siap bawak bersiar2 lagik. (Bersiar2=sesat).
Reached there at 6.40pm. Memang hebak tepon2 nokia ni..haishh!

We moved for shopping. Kalut plak amik gambo kat escalator ni. Pose pun asal smpat snap je...Haish..

The turquoise color.Huhhhh....i like it very much. But the price..Wahhlaaah... RM 639! Huhuh.... Anybody want to sponsor...hehehe..

J. Co lepaks time plak...

Everyone was so interested with Baie's story. I love the conversation. I learn something! Ok, Kfzah, u said u'll be the one who gonna tell the 2nd part of it..U wanna continue rite? ehehehe...Okies, readers, refer to her blog..( huhu....Baca bismillah dulu ye bfore enter her blog! u sis!! ;) Wink!!!). To baie, i always wish u all the best..

Hugs everyone at 11.45pm. Psst...ada yg bersahur ngn donut ek? Plan nye nak mkn while watching match? :p

Ehmm...everyone, it's 4.03 in d morning. I'll be leaving to Terengganu this morning after sahur. It'll be a long holidays for us. For that, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin sekiranya 'Mek Comey' pernah salah silap selama ni yek!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mummy..any gud news to announce.,Miy?;)

Mate n me had breaking fast @ Bukit Rahman Putra club, SGB - 25/09/08.
Mimi and me convoi together there.Owh, abg nizam and Azmin also. Vivy showed where the place is. Tq vivy. Haha...Kagums plak tuan Vivy sbb berjaya bawak smpai ke tujuan nye. (Mintak maap ye, walaupun dkt2 nak smpai tu, agak2 tidak berapa pasti sedikit.ekeke. Dah siap bg signal . Tp, jeling jugak kat Mimi tanya btul ke masuk simpang tu. Haish... Mimi said yes, then i took right. hihihi...) Anyway..Vivy said tq to 'Mek Comey's Helpdesk' who actually brought us there. Wink!

This is the story of finding who is Encik Ismail.. Wink! ;)
Not neither 2 of this boys. They may be boys next door to Encik Ismail.. hehehe...

The standing n sitting man trying to match the name with them. Naaah, they are not Encik Ismail too.. Hiks!

Mummy was here with us. Haaa...anything came across ur mind? She resigned. But, she was there? y? Looking for Encik Ismail jugak apa, miy? Ekeke... Huhuh...It's a surprise kan miy!! I like...!! ;) Wink!

Mek Comey was suspected as Encik Ismail jugaks ke? Haishh...

I love these "All everyone Pix"... susah tu nak dpt kumpul amik mcm ni. Few mates not here, but it's ok, ur sacrifice of giving service while we were here are really appreciated. Nect time, ur turn plaks okies? :)

To Su, wish u all the best. She left us too. Raya nti nak dtg umah la. Nak serbu kuih raya mung. Pandai masak sorg nih! Cik Mimi pun pandai gak.. Miy, i nak kuih tat nanas yg bg kat kakak tu... Bleh laa...bleh laa.. Aarghh, tak kira kak mek jura? Tak kasik pun kita pegi je umah dia.. Hahaha... Pedulik! :p

So, Lu Fikir la sendirik sapa Encik Ismail tu yek..ekeke...

(Kepada Encik Ismail..Mek Comey pinjam nama ye for this entry. Hope no heart feelings ye, boss..Wink! hehehe..)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Next entry, Breaking Fast @ Bukit Rahman Putra Golf Club..

This Hari Raya card was creatively created by Aedy, one of my mate in SGB. Everyone is changed to Oldies character. Hahaha...Thanks,Aedy.. I love it!! ;) And am sure we all like it! Hiks...

and this is us who wanna wish everyone out there, Selamat Hari Raya...

Sunday, September 21, 2008