Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uits... I'm In love...!!!

Ok..ok....the subject really makes u eager to know what does it really means,right, Boo? ;p Hiks

Yeah, I was watching Prima just now. My mind was not really into the movie.
And suddenly i thought of someone and straight away pick up my phone to SMS. The mouth whispering "the name". And to my surprise, when i unlocked the phone, I got 1 missed call and it was from "the name" that i wanted to SMS initially. Hah!
What a coincidence!

This is actually the 2nd time it happened.

The first One, It was happened when i was in the sad mood. Suddenly have a thought that how good if "the name" call me now. And i swear, in less 1 minute, i received called from "the name".. ;)



Ok.... Teruja? hehehehehe...

Gud nyte boo darling! :)

And for those "you" who understand this, Thank You...Mcm ada kuch2 Hota Hai la plak...hiks ;p