Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me raya today....huhuuuuu..... ;)

Hello :)
I have left Boo for about 2 months. Surely, many happy and sad things happened. Zaheera also is 4 months more to 2 years now. Of course she becomes active now. As active as when i asked, " Zaheera girl ke boy?" then she replied me, "BOY".. haishh.... Well, we are happy to see that she is no more been hospitalized. I hope she is always healthy :) Bcoz we all love her

Time is 1.45 morning now and i am still not sleeping. Waiting my printing in progress. Documentation for tomorrow's session in Serdang. Hope everything gonna be fine. All the best for my mates also. We do our best then we 'layan wayang" later... hehe.Eehm, lately dah jarang kuar makang2 ramai2 kans? Dunno y. May be everyone is bz and has other commitments. I miss those momments with the gurls. Gurls, if u read this, i want u to know that i miss u all and wish to do the same thing we did again together :(

This is a gurl who is going to stay at my house from today untill monday next week. Huhu....Baishhh (maksud zaheera=best)...!