Sunday, June 29, 2008 i come... hiks! ;)

Dinner-Lastnyte. Last day

Penat nye idak le sgt, cuma kdg2 tu, nak Fa Ya Ta Alif Mim...

Am still in Alor Star. It's a 4th of day being as "Alor Star's girl"!
Hahaha...'Alor Star girl' name supposedly would be never in my dictionary. Not only Alor Star, anything related to sorry if trying to be bias here, okies...! Finally, this AST project change my stands. And, i think, someone had also hit the record for being here for Go-LIVE for the first time.

Sharing room with Fara Isma, who used to be my ex-officemate before. Now, for different company, she's my office colleague again.D only thing is she work for North site. Mek, close jugak kita dulu kans,mek? Nama je satu opis, tp susah bnor nak chitchat n gossiping kan,mek..ekeke... So, this time, it's our chance to do all those Joyah's thingy. Satu bilik kan,apa lagik, projek aaa mek... :P

Mimi and mummy sharing a room,next to "very show off room". huh...i am not jealous AT ALL!! :p While, Miss Kuey Teow Kungfu and her Amoy. All of us at different level.

Supporting here till day of Sunday (Nxt Week) according to plan. But, it is subject to change,anyway.
Most likely required to go back earlier than as per scheduled due to user SGB started called and SMSed me from the first day i was here. Anyway, things there are still under control from here and the decision to be stationed back in SGB is subject to other "promise" too... Hiks! So, promise me?

Okies,time out. To clinic now for support. Anyway, it's Sunday. Sunday here is like Friday in KL. i was reminded by Mimi regarding that. Ye laa, mie..Kan i dah cakap, anything related to Kedah, saya kurang ketahuan sikit.. ;p

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rara ateh gegem bulat mcm jepun!!!

Away to Alor Star again...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nice knowing u Hospital Alor Star Team !!

Away to Alor Star.. Implementation of First Phase Go-Live @ Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah
I dont have enough time to tell what is happening to me there. But, may be the faces will describe all.
And, my writing will explain how precious time is to me now.
Yeah, this entry shud be short as what was explained before-Time so limit.
But, owwhh...i think i have that aura to write here..ekekeke..

Anyway, how r u SGB? Mates there? I really hope that everything is ok. Wupps, just came across to my mind that i did not make any call to SGB today.Sorry, mates...Ehmm, Is there any big issues, mate there? Tq for all d reports anyway. Ehmm, will try to call u mates in SGB tomorrow,okies? But, as what has been told before, though i'm away, i'm reachable.

My Family @ Home,
How i miss u all! Especially Papa n Mama :(
it's been awhile not been far away from u all. So far, am ok here.
Just 2 more days here n ur cute daughter will come back, okies :) :) :)

Below same pictures taken;

Owh, anway, i have to get up soooo early tomorrow. My shift for tomorrow is @ 0730 @ Cinic! :p
So, wish me luck, okies!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arini Breakfast Makan Abis,....

Reached Office and now Makan Time...
Ehmm, it's a sunny day here in SGB.
Errkk...but y i cant see my shadow?
And dis room is cold-wearing a jacket.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To mate in Alor Star, hoping that all preparation will be done smoothly.. I'll pray for all of u, okies. Jura, mek mu okies kans kat Pekan tu,mek?

Good Morning Boo!!
Tell u what, i had a very good start day today! :)
But it did not longer till evening. But, it's normal. That is what work is called.

Anyway, i've dreamt sweet dream last nyte. But, this one, i cant tell anyone what was the dream all about. Haishh...

Challos..Ngantuks aaa...See yaa..Cheers!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rara, tinggal Ateh tak kasik tau. Ateh balik umah, ateh ngk Rara dah takde :(

heyyoo, Booo..
i just woke up back from sleep. Was already there, dreaming flying on the sky with price charming! kikikiki... And suddely BANG!! knocked 1 of the plane n i'm awake! :p
psst...Jura, Mek Comey dah tertido time mu call. Sowweeeyy mekk...Mu call smula nti ekk, mek.. Anyway, i SMSed mu earlier hoping dat everything is ok there. And u too! Cares, mek...

Had dinner with my beloved family tonite. Somewhere near to my house. Pha Pha restaurant. We celebrated Ayie's achievement today, Futsal Game! 1st Place!! Papa ajak belanja makan for that.

Vivy cedera terukss! Belakang, depan, kiri, kanan teruk!!!
Belakang Kiri-Rim dah bengkok, 3 paku juga ada cucuk, tyre pun may be kena tukar
Belakang Kanan and Depan-Tyre dah koyak
Huh...How dangerous it is to drive myself @ this Vivy's condition.
Was trying to get it done today, but i cant make it since i had to work today.
So, have some plan. Papa will bring it to repair.Most probably on Tuesday. Tenkius papa... :))
eehmm...siapa ekk Mek Comey nak hijack keta g keja ikut skali! ehmmm.... ;p

Si Mimi came with idea of Car Pool. It's a great idea, i think!
So, we can start anytime, sis!
And, there's a plan to go to Alor Setar this week. Anyhow, still waiting d confirmation from d boss when to go n come back! To Alor Star mates, see ya!!

To Papa My loveeee,

Oookies...need to challos now since i have a breakfast date tomorrow morning @ 0730.
Huh, am i dat sure to be there at dat time? ekeke...YES!! I AM!!! :)
See ya, my date!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

BMW juga dikenali sebagai Best Men Win...

Have u ever faced situation which like De Ja Vu? Ehmm, i think this week, it happened to me twice.
First, when i asked when la this match will get a goal? Huh, not even 30 sec, GOAL! ekeke...
Secondly, my compliment was denied, until LIVE show prove it! Wink! DE JA VU!!!
Pix taken @ Jalan TAR, wif beloved mama..

Anyway, bought a tudung+Scholl sandal+socks+blouse...penat dah nak try dload dr phone. Dok bulih2...biar je aaa

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vivy Tayar Geylong...Sok nak Keja lagik. Lampu Vivy Plak Cemey. Haishh, bila mau pigi clinic ni, vivy? Memacam plak perangai Vivy ni semenjak dua ni

Heyyoo... Tired and so sleepy rite now. How r u anyway, Boo?

I know we have not met for last 3 days. So, will come back here later, okies! Yeah later, bcoz i need to go out now to somehere. (No worries, it will not be nowhere for d 2nd time! :p Erkk, am i sure? Hiks!).
Just came back from Jalan TAR with my beloved Mama! We've spent bout 5 hours there! standard aa tu orkk...Pompuan kanss... ;)

TV just played Power Root Ali Cafe Advs @ TV! Rosham Nor And Fara AF. U know what, i love to watch his character there! He is just so Romantic+Gorgeous only thru his gestures.Haiyorkk..Do we still have this type of man in this earth? Hiks, Cheers!

BE RITE BACK! Challoss....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mummy...nak lagu Raggae satu..!!!

If u realize it's been awhile we did not spend times together.Together=all the gurls, mates!
This lunch had gathered us back!
To jura, come back here once u complete there. We're all missing u!

Rara ateh pandai tulis dah!!

Pernah tak korang rasa, bila tengah jumpe client, yang korang macam dah paham tentang sesuatu, tp, bila korang cuba selesaikan, lama2 korang pun dah tatau samada korang yang tak paham ke ataupun korang kena kench ngn informer, ataupun client korang yang memang tak paham2 yang buatkan korang maaaaakiiiinnnn tak paham!

Owh, it's sunny today! Can u see your shadow?

Reached office early today!Tq for all the alarmers!! Phone alarm pun berebut nak kejut nih! Abis lagu raya smue kluar...Haish, sapa la yang p set lagu raya kat phone Mek Comey tuu?? Seb baik tak pegi bersiap pakai telekung and p masjid smayang raya..ekeke...(psst, tp smpat gak goleks seguling dua..hiks!)

Challos and be rite back!
Bosses are here today and d sites very cool. Peliks plak tak byk masalah pagi ni.

Najua, will try to see u and cute baby as soon as possible...

Ehmm, was eagerly since morning to tell Boo dat am very happy when heard "a news".. But, was to bz @ work. So couldnt update that fast to Boo.
Patut la panas je pagi td ekk? Rupa2 nye, Shadow muncul jelas skali and will always be my shadow for today, tomorrow and onwards...

Think dat "shadow" thingy was being quizzical to few Boo readers. Haish!! Siap nak buat poll lagik nak teka sapa ekk? dushh gaban!!

So, u, who makes my day with ur news this morning, is the answer for who shadow is! Satisfied?? :P Kalau korang takde apa2 news yg bgtau kat Mek Comey, setakat newspaper je korang baca, tu bukan bgtau den news.Tu korg yg dpt news. So, tak tercapai la makna shadow tu. And klu arini ada pegi kedai NEWS ke kan...itu pun bukan yee... kakaka...

Bak kata nenek2 dulu, Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam. So, only shadow knows he/she is a shadow to me! :) shadow,hope u dont mind to make u as my shadow. Bcoz i think u are! ekeke...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sok kena bangun awal... Tuan BCP, klu bangun awal, kejutkan Mek Comey skali ekk....nyte2...

@ 0000 today, we sang Happy Birthday song to Kak Sha for her 29th birthday! Wish u all the Best and May Allah bless u always okies, sis! i know u will read this entry. So, i want u to know that i love u so much untill end of my life and i will always support u till the end!! Mwahhxxx!! Semoga panjang umur+murah rezeki+diberkati Allah selalu, ksha" :) I love what Usu wrote in ur Card, Kak Sha.."Smoga hidup kak sha lebih bermakna dgn kehadiran Rara"...ehmm, is that showing my bro has improve his literature OR, my bro gud in play words (pandai ngayat awek aaa niiii...ekeke....)
While singing, Rara still awake. Tatau la nape susah sgt nak tido Boss Kicik tu mlm td. Asek kluar masuk bilik je. Asal masuk bilik je, sure lps tu, org yg tido kan dia akan kluar ngn dia balik.Haishh.... Mcm tatau2 je org nak mkn kek smlm ekk, Rara... :) She was so excited+laugh! Gelekeq oghang ganu kata.
Some pix..


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Haishh....Mata Vivvy Cemey balikkkksss!!!! eisk 764x!!

Planned to go out somewhere this evening. But,cancelled. It's okies, we plan some other time okies! Next time, we make it happen!!
So, Mek Comey just had sweet time with Rara.

Rara ateh is now 5 months +1 week.Baru start makan Bubur. Ehmm, semalam campur ngn carrot, arini ngn sawi. She likes it! But, it takes time for her to finish for large amount! Tapi okkaay laa. Takde la dia nangis taknak makan kanss..


I will always remember dis entry! The big event of Joesrizal & Siti Mariani is d reason for dis entry. But, there's another reason dis entry will always be in my mind. Just let me and 'the other one' only understand dis language. To 'the other one', Boo wants this entry be back just to redeem your willingness of doing "something" which am sure really hard for u to do it. Ur sacrifice, bring dis entry back here! Am proud of u! Fighting! :)


Heard that the latest P Ramlee The Musical is more interesting...Anybody plan to go?

Cool Sunday.
Am still @ home with Family. And not going anywhere im supposed. Recharge for new energy just to come back for new week tomorrow! Owwh,am sure next week onwards will be different for me! haissh... :( It'll not be same as last 3-4 months back. But, i hope, the shadow wil be always with me... Will u,my shadow?:(

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Td dgr lagu Always be My Baby,tapi tatau sapa nyanyi. Slow music. Sblm ni Mariah Carey nyanyi.Sapa tau, kasik tau sama Boo Yeahh...

Just came back from Joes&Siti's wedding. Will update u,boo later. Bcoz am going to Giant with Mama.
Anyway, Feeling tired. But i just seat in d car to Joes's house.Mimi drove. Penat buat "misi" kot...Hiks...
See ya Later...mwahxx!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rara tido smbil meniarap.Ateh tak smpat snap gambo la ,Cayang Rara. Nti ekk.... :)

Came to work after brought Vivvy to Workshop. Mek Jura, Vivvy right's eye is ok now. 'Ogeh2' sket mata dia td, pastu okkkkayyy semule...Emm, nxt time klu problem, they asked Vivvy to come again. Vivvy ni mcm tau jak misi Mek Comey ni, Hiks!
Owh, actually, my feeling is not so stable. But i dont know y. May be to balance d happiness dat i had last 2 days. Hiks! Tak bestttnyeeeee!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vivvy takmboh start malam td...seb baik abg macho datang tolongss...Tp jual mahal... ;) Thank You and I Love U!

Boo, Nyte....
Frens, wait...dont be least, i dont get u frustrated, rite?
At least, there's an entry when u open my Boo. Even though only 5 lines... ekeke... (devil emoticon)
Wahhh,mengantuks sudah... Mwahss!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Esok Hari Yg Tak best kot...sbb tu arini rasa mcm besttt jee..huhuhu...

I just love what had happened today!Till Now :) :)
Woke up so early this morning just to make sure will conquer the Hot Shower first before abg or Kak Sha! Hiks! :p They slept here lastnyte n going to office from Gombak this morning. So, when i got down, they were still sleeping. Waaah...Apa lagik, smbung aaa goleks kat bawah jap.. hehehe... Untill alarmed by SMS which made me awake and that's it with Ante Syuq!Bangun aa, pagi ni byk nak kena settle jumpe users...hehe..

Next,My Rara cayang said gud bye when i was about leaving home...

Leaving office earlier today and stop @ Jejants for Mimi's apetite yg susah btul nak kenyang lately. Ekeke...
Apa mood ntah arini, i feel like really want to eat Spaghetti . I dont like it, know. Sadly, what i wanted to order, Carbonara unavailable. Sausage abis. Haish! Buless gitu? All menu which has sausage were unavailable too.So, share with mimi's one. Mek Comey abis segelas miloo!! Hahaha...sudah ada kemajuan tuu...
Once everybody tired of 'Joyahing' and watching ppl around, everybody moved home..
That's all for today..

Upss, yeah, forgot to tell, Juraaaaa....Lampu Vivvy ku cemey la,mekkkk... :( huhuhuhu...

It was 'cemey' on last friday when mama informed me on d way back from Dinner @ Bangsar. So, it was replaced with the new bulb. Surprisingly, Mimi called on d way back, since she drove in front of Vivvy and telling, the same on d right is 'cemey'. Anyway, dis is the 4th time of d 'cemey'. Ehmmm...malassssnyeee nak g kedai esokkkkk....haiyorkkkk.......!!!!! Vivvy is adviced to go for futher checks... Iyoooo Lahhh....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend ni weekend citer pasal potong rambut... hehehe

Abi n Ibu bz with 'their hair salon client' today! Hiks! Challenging and client cried many times to run away from them. hehe...
It's Rara what i mean here. D parents were as well.. uits, Ateh too lah. Yeah, 4 of us were struggling to cut her hair. Bcoz of Rara's hair was not fully cut during her Akikah, we do it today.
Huh, oghang ganu kate, 'penak wehh dok kejung nok potong ghambut Rara ni..'
Abi nii,first time potong dapat potong sket je,mcm ni...

Rara tido kepenatan setelah dikejung oleh kedua ibu bapa nye yg sungguh rakus memotong rambut anak kecik nye itu.

Masa Rara tido, skali lagi Ibu and Abi dok 'kejung' rambut anok die tuu...huh...Nyaknye nggoh!
And the result is...


Get Well Soon...

Heyyooo, Boo!
Am just relaxing @ home wif family today. Not going anywhere. It's not gud time to do outside activities now since i heard many of my frens are not feeling very well now. Suara Mek Comey pun ala2 sengau2 sket lg ni.Flu! So, frens, if u dont have important thing to go outside, just spend yr time wif ur love one, okies!
Owh, remember, my previous entry about hair salon? Haaaa..tell u what! Someone is 'attracted' to go there, know? ekekeke.... Vivian, 10% huh... ;)
See ya later! Cheers!