Friday, June 12, 2009

4th Day and 10 more to go....Chaiyorkk...!

It's 12.30pm and am sitting in d office. And let me check who else here...Erm, only few people. They out for lunch I guess. Am Fasting today so no lunch. Mimi out to UITM for her exam result. While Kak Faizah to UMMC for Meeting. Yes, alone and decided to be here with Boo ;) Hey,it's lunch hour, okay. No no big deal....Wink!

Abang called me while am driving home yesterday from d office. Was asking me where was I which tot me that he was just next to my car "ke"? Rupanya, nak nyanyi lagu Burung Kakak Tua. Zaheera's favourite! The interesting part was when the parents finished sang "....Hinggap di Jendela..", Zaheera continued "Nennneekk".... haha.... It was so cute! Please imagine if a baby says it, okies. Not Adult, please :)) Abg Lori kat sebelah pun tgk daaa sebab gelak kuat sangat. Wink.. Zaheera really release my tense with the Traffic Jam. As i asked her to repeat the same words again and again after "Hinggap di Jendela"... At one point, she tired and lazy, "sumbat botol air dalam mulut terus si kecik tu..." haha...

Mama and Papa currently in Terengganu. Visiting "Nennneekkk"... Hihi..
These are pix taken last weekend at Abg New House. Insya Allah...nak masuk dah ni... :)

Their House...I like... :)English design..

Zaheera happiness always end with Sadness :p
Ade je la kecederaan yg akan berlaku. This time, jari plak berdarah. Terkena bile Ibu tarik selai rambut kat tgn Zaheera ni. Kulit lembut sgt kot ni...

Haa..not only 1 but 2...This time, terpijak piala futsal abg pulaks! Haishh..

Sejuk tahap gaban sungguh la...! Abis serkup tgn ngn shawl smbil type. Telinga pun skali! Haishh...
eiii...sejuks2....Wanna do my work...Challoss...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Words from Zaheera.." Alllamaakkk...", " Nanaaa"...

Hey, i am in Kepala Batas now.
For some Patch updation into LIVE instance for Hospital Kepala Batas. Will be here till Saturday, insya Allah. Hoping works gonna be smooth as i am really miss my dears in KL now :( Haish, i know, i know, it is not even a night yet, but being far away from them not an easy things for 'Mek Comey'...Wink!

During my days in UTP, Perak i will always come back to home at least every 2 weeks :p Well, i think that is gud enough if compares to my 1st year where "Khamis ptg i already cabut to KL and took the last bus to UTP on Sunday night"....Haha....

All rite,
this is Mimi, Rosdi and me on the journey to Kepala Batas today

Initially was given Waja to Rosdi. Unfortunately some problem with the car then changed to Naza Kia. Hihi...Best la plak when it just 3 of us je in that big car.
Me also had experience drove it.
Stop at Sungai Dua. For Mee Udang. This place was recommended by a fren. 2 thumbs up! Best2! u should come and try yea.
Anyway, we first stopped at wrong "Kedai". After a call made and guide, we managed to get at the right place.
Owh, u really amazed me when u can described n mentioned specifically n detailly. "Bumbung umah taman kat situ pun bleh igt ke?" haishhh....hebak2...! Wink

Nasik Goreng Udang
Tak kenyang plak anak PakMukhtar ngn pak Mustapa nih, when we ordered Mee Udang plak..Nice..
This pix is just to kaco d frens that we coming here to "Jalan2"..not for work..haha...
But we were here tonite, "Layan" Night at museum 2..

Monday, June 1, 2009

I have a dream....To touch stars on the sky :)

Bismillahirahmanirrahim :)
I also dunno y i started wif bismillah. Anyway, it's a gud kalimah whenever u want to start doing something. Anything. And whenever ( i becoming ala ustazah now. Hiks)

Well, dunno from where did i have the guts to write this entry. After long break. Really long break. my last entry was ehm,4th May 09
I just had my lunch.My Nasik Goreng! i cooked myself! Wink! For those who knows what does this sign means, u better watch me out :p Wink!

Ok, to dear fren Najua just got her 2nd princess. Najua, will visit u soon, kay. Am going to Kepala Batas this week till weekend. May be some other days next weeks :)

My Zaheera is currently in Terengganu. She's now 1 and half year.
Last week, she just discharged from Ampang Puteri. Again,this was her 3rd times admitted. Poor my little Zaheera, rite? But, she's ok now. Dah sehat! She now pandai main memasakk! Ateh bought u Masak2 yesterday. It's a surprise, sayang. Open it when u reach Awok home today, yea :)

Sexy bebeh...During her admission last week ;)

Her latest pic taken today from Ganu!

Well, gotta continue my work bfore boss mad at me.. Hiks! Chiows