Sunday, October 21, 2012

Legasi Jogging di Brunei akan diteruskan walaupun saya bercuti seketika

Sakiiiiitttttt~~~~ huk huk huk....
Kelmarin jatuh tangga, okies! It was so difficult of being sakit away from the family. If it just demam, not a big issue. But this seliuh kaki is really giving me problems. Cant walk much. Can move much either. And have to rely from friends sometimes. Lucky they are all very nice! Aini cornetto (hihihii....jgn marah. i suka nama tuuu), u r so nice. Always ask me if i need help. Thanks, bebeh...

Tu laa, slo bolo! org ganu punya perkataan tu... Meaning, clumsy. Kelam Kabut. Tak Hati2. Lenkali have to be more careful!

Initially, when i could stand and walked after the fell, i thought it was not that serious. But unfortunately, after the meeting we had that morning, surprising, i had swollen ankle. Haishhh... Tgk je tu, otomotik nye rasa saakiiitt.... Went to 5 or 6 spa. Looked for place that offers 'urut' to kurang kan the bengkak... Tp tak jumpe... Finally, our last tried, we found 1 spa. And it was realllllyyyyy hurtttt!!!! Sakitttt okiess!!! sikit lagik nak nangis! Siap suh mummy and mas kluar sbb maluuuusss la klu diorg tgk i nangis! hihihi..

And now, i just rest at room and didnt go out at all. Lucky restaurant here offers room delivery. They are all know us well though. So it is not difficult to get the service at anytime i request. Alhamdulillah. 
Overall, everything goes fine here hoewever, it is better to be at home as the family members can look after you, makan pun bleh makan the better food and lebih kasih sayang di sitiewsss ;)

Owh..tiba2 Raja Ema kat Melodi... Owhh...Sungguh comey! Tiba2 dia kuwus! huh! How come? ;p  

okies...itu kaki sakits... sepanjang kaki sakit ni kan..slalu terpikir, cemana la org yg slalu main bola bleh main balik bila dah berkali2 kaki diorg terseliuh...uiiii...sakiiit tuu seliuh mcm ni...tang urut tu yg tak tahan tuuu... owwhh....Mek Comey, sila jadik wanita yg lemah lembut selepas ini...Jgn clumsy! okies!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Katakan Tidak Pada Altantuya!

Hola Hola.. 
Sebenarnye, malaaaaaasss sesangat nak pegi jogging arini..haha..apasal ntah. Agaknya, Di sbb kan 3-4 hari lps dah well trained overslept!, tu sbb la sunday yg selama ni rajin nak g jogging pun dah jadik 1st sunday yg malas.. hahaha... sungguh tidak sehat skali asyik terlajaks tido...worst, there was 1 day when i was supposed to send colleague to airport early in d morning, but i failed! Huh! Aini bebeh's woke me up and lucky she got other car to send the colleague ;) U safe me, bebeh! Thanks.

Tapi...Tapi...Tapi.... mmg dah ditakdirkan lahh bukan hari berjogging hari nih! They Bruneian had Run again today. I think this country live healthily. Almost every month Run is like a must event to them! But may be also because their country is not that big and the place they always has the event is the same place where we go jogging! So, meaning to say, this is y we always see them has this Run event!

To my semeks dua org lagik (yg before this lagik suka jogging atas katil dlm bilik...hihihi... sorry), they were so eager to go jogging! Nak kuwus katanya. Sorang nak penganten dah ;) sorang lagik....hmmm.... perempuan melayu terakhir kan, so kena jaga lah body itiewwsss...nti tak leh jadik duta perempuan melayu terakhir dah.. hihiihi... I hope she dont read this ;p abisssss!!!
However, due to the event, they couldnt make it this time... next week, okies! Jgn takmo plak next week! tp takpe, Mummy ada next week. Korang tak pegiiiiii, korang dengar la mummy berleteaq sampai aloq staqqq tu bleh dengaq! Phewwww! 

Agak sedikit mengada utk post this pic ;p  Actually took this pix and posted it to frens in the group. Sbb ngada2 sgt kan bgtau makan best kat kl tu kan... hehehe... tp btuulll, walaupun food kat sini not to our malaysian taste sgt, but this 'Ideal' is good!