Thursday, August 26, 2010

minggu yg ketat....addusss

I love this very much...!!! Very da cool lahhh!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another 17 days to go... Lps tu dpt makan kuih raya kat umah tok..haha.. ;)

Holla... How are u, Boo?
Just want to share something here..Last week, heard 1 song from .. I think if not mistaken, Hot Fm.. At first, i tot it's Indon song. But after tried searching from Pakcik Google, sing by few artist which are from AF (Ariel, Hafiz) , Hot Fm Deejay (Tini, Anne) and One in Million (Ayu).

Heard this is 1 of the songs they produced for Raya (this year Raya). Hmm, tp mcm pelik, lagu mcm cintan, tp utk album raya.. hihihi...apakah?? :p May be their aim is to sell the album during raya la kot..

Okies, enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyone has already 5, but i am not even 1...haish..

Ayie has reached her campus. Alhamdulillah.
And, Mom just told me that Ieya now at hospital :( Neb again. Ieya...Ieya... dok sehak sokmo.. but, deep inside her heart, this little sweet gurl, i'm sure she's very happy. Because why, she can come to Tatai and Awok's house tomorrow!!! hahahaa.. Boo, she doesn't like to go to school recently. That's why, she always try to find reasons not to go to school. The famous reason that she can think of is, "Ieya tak sehaaattt...Ieya sakit kakiiiii..." LOL
And if she knows that her reason not acceptable, she will delay the time. She will ask Ibu to prepare her milk when it is the time for them to send her to school :p She will ask ibu to wait for her to watch her CD. She will yak yak. hehe..

Iman Zaheera is big now. Ehmm.... she's 2 years and 9 months. But i think she mature than her age. She can talk fluently at her age. Tak pelat. We can understand what she's saying. And she's very good in arranging words in sentence! :) mwahhh skali kat Ieya..Ateh love Ieya lah..

Beloved brother Ayie, otw back to campus. Cares okiess :)

Hey Boo! :)
I am good today! I feel calm, i feel happy, and i'm in L.O.V.E ;p

Hehehe..this is all because of Isabella TV series at Astro ch 105! I just watched it. Alamak, tapi tak igt arini punye dah series ke berapa. hehe... Tp yg arini ulangan tau. Every new series will be every Tuesday at 9.30pm.
Yup, it is now my favorite tv series. Hmm... Y? Hmm....I would say, because of Rosham Nor is the main actor. But this time, it is not Rita Rudaini but, Vee (Vanida Imran). She's gorgeous and so lovely! And i think she also have the chemistry with Rosham. Masssuukkk btul lah! Hiks :p

And... i think, the chosen of the song also is the aura for this series. It is "Isabella", okay! haishh..The moment i heard the music start, adddussss...cayaq... :p
I just copy of the Search concert sang the song last 2004. Enjoy!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

tiba2 terjumpe gamba2 ni smula..hehe...dan saya amatla sedikit tembam di waktu itu..hihi

Susah nyeee....

Okies...just went back from a shop where intended to repair my phone. Tp tak jadik, sbb nye, nti lah dulu. Sokmo gitu, penat2 je pegi, tiba tukar fikiran. duush..pastu esok lusa misti pegi balik. pastu repair. dush. pastu mcm penat je la kan pegi 2 3 kali.dush..hehe..ngeng! ;p


As it is so cloudy right here, i feel like i have the same with the whether... going to somewhere...but dont know where...but to be going to nowhere..