Thursday, September 10, 2009

I miss all my frens yg jauh2 tu....Baie, and u Nixk.. :(

Last Wiken, Mama, Sheila and myself had some shopping for Raya. At midvalley and Sunway Pyramid.Sesungguhnye, Mama kalau bershopping mmg dasat. Barang tak byk, tapi satu rege brg tu je dah..haish....tak tahan!!
Kalau mama tu bekerja, tatau la. shopping tahap gaban agaknye..
Oleh itu, di sbb kan sy sudah bekerja, sy kedeks duit sket. Tak mcm Mama..So, Berdoa la si Ateh ni, supaya mendapat suami yg kaya utk belikan brg2 itu nti....ekeke..

Si sheila bagus-pakai mask.
Sheila: ni kalau shila pakai mask ni takdok makne gok nih
Mama: Bakpe. Eh,bagus lah...
Sheila:Doh kalu shila sorg yg pakai,tp mama ngn kak Nana dok pakai,nti sama je la. btul dok? bawok balik gok kuman tu kat umoh!
Ateh,Mama: (gelak...) btul...btull..

She was bz..she likes both..She didnt know which 1 to buy.

At last, she took the black. But the next day she came back due to condition of the bag-a bit rosak.
But she replaced with the green one (the other design)

Below, my shopping at Sunway Pyramid. Do u like my new dress? :) I like it!! It's from Kitsczen
Sunday nyte, went to Danau Kota to make a booking for Kerusi Jati. Mama is a Kayu Jati's fan. If u ask me, i like the english style!

Tp, tp, when i saw 1 of the kerusi which Mama bought, HALAMAAAKKK!!! Terus rasa nak duduk bertunang atas tu...hihih(haish...gatey tau ateh ni). Tgk...tgk..sile tgk..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My Mimie Dearie :)) May Allah bless u always and May all the happiness with u...mwaahh!!

Am home wif my sister only tonite. Mom and dad now at Melacca till friday. Again, we might sleep downstairs. May be! Since sheila had 2 mysterios experiences lately, so it just me may be who still have d fobia to stay and sleep peacefully during night time. Byk la akan berlaku pembaziran elektrik di kala ini makna katanye. haha...Abis la lampu dapur, lampu bilik mama, lampu bawah kat ruang tamu akan on till morning :p

Security action plak,papa kata, kunci keta letak dekat masa nak tido. at anytime feeling 'something',just ring the alarm. Buat kecoh sket. Kalau btul ada apa2, this will
panicking them...So, i hope everything will be ok :) Amin...
Emm, told u in my last entry, Boo that watched few tv dramas about love story. Remember. Love story which make me sooo touched deep into heart. Ehmm, then today, Just now to be specific, i watched ehmm what's the title erhhmm...yea, Karat 43, Samarinda. the scene is when the guy secretly took his girlfren's office file and made her mad of what the fish was he doing?! So, when she started open her mouth and open what file was that, she finally found that a paper said " Sudikah awak menjadi isteri saya?" haishhh....Alamak...angau....angau... ekekeke....
Ni tatau la kenapa jadik mcm ni nih lately. Nak smpai seru apa? :)) gelaks sket sesorg kat bawah ni. Ni kalau ada perampoks kat luar nak buat jahat ni, mau lari langgar panggar terkezut....ekeke...

Yeay, just received SMS from my youngest bro, Ayie. He's coming home tonite! Wallaaahh...that means, i can sleep heavenly tonite...Yuhooo!! Mama or Papa might have called him to accompanied the 2 "penakut" sisters at home...hahaha....bagus bagus....adik yg bagus. Bleh up sket duit raya utk mu nti, Ayie :p

Sent this to mama. for d 2nd time... Dunno whether she got it or not...

Owwh....gurls, as my Outlook calendar sent to u this evening, please confirm ur attendance for our Gurls' berbuka puasa this friday yea. Majority says Manhattan Fish Market at Midvalley..So far, who has confirmed is Mimie, Mummy, Intanku, Kak Mun (Tentative), Iera, myself, Farra (Thanks Farra....ida suke sgt2 Farra dpt join. I was really waiting this chance to hang out with u!)
Calling for Kak Faizah, Jura, Nurul and Mass..Please come...Please come....

baru lps ngap Butter Cookies Kieldsens...Nak tido,Nyte2..

This is during our visit to Iman Zaheera's house last wiken.
The below pix, Abi, yg sudah selalu ku katakan, umur+title nya tidak menyerupai watak nya. Sudah menjadik Bapak, masih lagik seperti keanak-anakan..hihi... Whateva it is, u maintain la,abi...Barulah meriah kan? I like....bleh lawan ngn Ateh sapa lagik budak2 :p
Si Zaheera plak got an idea to arrange all her bottle to stand. And then she'll blow it down..

Her first experience play Mercun yg baling2 tu then meletops..
Oooo...this is while waiting Achik, Tatai and Awok to arrive there.
Huhu....can see my new hair color ;) Wink..

Okies, this is for 18 ages eyes only!
Zaheera's pooh dah bogels...baju takdok, Mate pun terkojel sebelah...Badan dia sebelah kanan pun dah berjahit. Ni angkara frens kat school yg ganaz2 kots..hehe..Walau apa pun,Zaheera
tetaaaaap sayang pooh dia tu..
In FB this morning, i uploaded her video sleep kan si pooh ni :) Very cute!
She's now also able to recognice shapes.. See below pix..Perkembangan yg Baik! :)

Yeay, dapat cuti raya 4 hari gitusss...

If u watched sunday's nite movie at Astro Prima, u must understand what i am trying to tell now.
The actor and actress are Norman Hakim and Ayu Raudah (sister of Rozita Wan Chik). The whole story is all about a young man who changed his bad lifestyle to "Alim" man after saw this soft, beautiful and "mengaji and semayang" gurl.

Well, it's just a typical Malaysia story. But...but, i dont know y when there was a short scene, it really touched my heart.. really... He was trying to explain and pujuk this gurl. So, the way he really wants to pujuk so that this gurl know that he loves her very much is where this scene got me into tears...haha...sounds crazy! kenapa plak nak angish kan? ntah...touching plak rasa. sbb eehh, korang kena tgk the way Norman Hakim said is very d gentleman...haishhh....Luruh jantung kejap..Wink!!

So, this is what makes me angau sekejap and i shared this with people around me. Of all the people, tak sangka, Mummy tgk citer tu...Alah, pelik apa kan? Mummy mmg minat Norman Hakim rasanye...kans miy? hehe...
Hmmm...ada sorg lagik tak sempat dengar. Tp takpelah,dah baca ni...dia tau la kot..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have sent Scholar Appeal Letter to Petronas... Hope they'll agree...

At Office today. Today is My first day Off Puasa. But, i rather puasa than cannot puasa. Bcoz u still cant eat and drink at office. Yea, u can say..."Alaa...makan/minum je la...Bukan org tak paham pun.." But for me, it is respect.

Was Busy with simulation of bugs, testing patch and discussion. Was supposed to submit my Leave application. But immediate Boss said have to discuss together among all the team to prove it. Bcoz everyone is applying the same date for this hari raya leave.Haish...Am hoping that my leave will be proved. Am applying for 23rd -28 Sept. 4 days only la, boss.

Okies, bfore i go to bed, here are 3 pics taken wof Farra outside of office before we walked to carpark this evening

Anyway, we had some small bday party for Sheila at home tonite. But the camera is with her now. So, i cannot upload. Haish...later,yea

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tak sabar plak nak g keja esok ni

We celebrated earlier Shiloz birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow, 2nd Sept. But since we couldnt gather everyone on weekdays, so we had breaking fast together at 1 of the fav restaurant, Pha-Pha Gombak. After went back from Gedung Al-Habshee, Papa made a reservation and we ordered these menu. These are only part of it. Yang lain tak sempat sebab...Dah Ngap dulu...Haha..

Iman Zaheera was so gud girl that day. Elok je makan sesama. u know, Some kids, they will interupt while people eating, rite?
Duduk sebelah abg ku yg mengong ini. Si kaler oren...
The birthday girl to be rupenya tatau this makan2 is for her. Smapai la time berbuka when i asked her, then only she knew it.

I loveee this shot. Bambam btul pp Zaheera ni :))

And i was seating next to my youngest brother also. He is know a student at Multimedia College(MMC). U sudy smart ok, Bro. I'll pray for ur success! Amin..
Tp nak tanye se je, masih play boy lg ke apa kat sana? Hihi...sian btul gelprenssss Ayie ni taus..
Zaheera tak pegi school arini ni eh Tatai bgtau kat Ateh td...Oooo....Takpe2, teman Abi tak sehat eh? otay...
Ibu. Zaheera ni tak leh ilang ibu di sesaat....Kalau ilang, Abis..Maka bising lah umah kat Gombak tu
The family..

Happy Birthday, Sheila :) May Allah bless u always and May all ur dreams come true, sis :)

Another 1/3 of month to complete Puasa....

I dont have mood to work today. My objective to see user this morning was failed due to the doctor is on leave today. Haish...So, i bought 1 new shirt! ahaha...
I think the reason i like it bcoz of the color. It is dark purple.And also the "ropol" and also the cutting ;)
Lawa kans?
What? U r thinking how am i gonna wear this since am tudung girl? Haishh...Of Course lah i will wear wif 1 tight shirt inside. Tak pernah try pakai cenggitu. Sbb mcm panas kans? Tp takpe, dah jumpe bj yg berkenan ni....I will try.... Erm, White perhaps! so, i can wear with white pants! ehmm...but i need to get new one la plak. Ehmm, black tight also nioceeee onee.... (dreaming......)