Friday, July 15, 2011

Alhamdulillah...Allah Maha Berkuasa....

Hola! :) I miss u..I miss u..I miss u, my sweet Boo!

Ya Allah.... too occupied with works and didn't have much time to see you, Boo...How are you? U missed me? Of course U was!! hihihi... Boo, do you know my fav Miss Fazura the sweet and pretty now back in series drama? Yes, 1 was (alamak...lupe..! Jap i tanya my fren yg tgh chat with me jap...bebeh~~~~~~~). Ok. it was Khutbah Cinta! oppss...alamak! salah....! Should be, Kitab Cinta... U bebeh, so notey! u laughed at me for my wrong title! Huh! And when even i have not asked u yet about the 2nd title, u have first teased me with...
Bebeh : cite tahajjud cinta setiap jumaat tu cam best. tahajjud ek ..., bkn tajwid cinta. mane tau kot u salah sebut nnti....ekekekeke

and this;

Yer ah kalo kitab bleh jd khutbah. apetah tahajjud td tajwid

You bebeh!!!!!!!! mmg i gelak sorg2 kat sini while talking with my dearest Boo ;)

The stunning of u!

And this is her in the "Khutbah Cinta" :p

Bebeh, this entry is meant for u! I said i had something for u right? So this is it!
I think U made up my night today by giving me "idea" what to write tonight! Tapiii...u mmg N.O.T.E.Y!!!!!!!!! hahahahahha

okies, i know u are still on leave, so go sleeeeeeppppp!!!!!! ;)