Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jura, i know what u feel there.. Be patient and i'm always here for u darling! We're waiting u to come back. Soon!!! Cares :)

Ehmm.. Today, Morning-Mek Comey's went to hair salon.Hair wash only! Takleh ngengada sgt buat itu ini. Tp, rasa mcm nak kaler2. Emm, nti2 sket la. Sbb ada misi lain..Hiks! Orkk? ;) Mimi joined me n she like d salon too! Okies, lenkali kita bleh p sesama lagik yeah!
Anyway, dont u attracted to come here when looking at the 2nd pix? cek cii..!! hahahahahahaha....(devil emoticon). She's washing mimi's hair anyway...

Rara bebel apa sorang2...Smue org tak paham apa rara bebel...ekeke...anyway, we enjoy it! hehehe

Waahh...Am in d mood n have enough time to write, today!
How r u, Boo? :)

Erm, last friday,we continued d BCP meeting. For Outpatient!
Personally, d feedback was good. Yeah, feedback which turned the gurls to think more reports to be prepared and generated for Unplanned Down Time. It has been expected that not the form that the users will questioned and interested with. It's more to their workprocess showstopper.
So, Tuan BCP, send everybody d report, pls! We'll work out on that together, yeah! :)

After d meeting. Ehmm, not in d mood for lunch. But, not with McFlurry Oreo.Hiks! ;)
(Owh, tenkius to whom reserved my lunch! Appreciate it!) So, headed to Drive thru McD with Mimi for McFlurry Oreo. Anyway, sorry dear. She was waiting for me quite some time to go out. Nak kluar sangat, katanye. Sampai tertido tido dah kat meja..hehehe. On d way back, dah masin sgt agaknye mulut si kecik ni kan. Mmg btul2 kluar lama.. An emergency case happened. hahaha....Sorry, it cant be explained here. Nti ada org marah...hehehe..Biarlah Rahsia kans...kans... ;)

Night-Family Dinner at Monte's @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). I'm Luving it! Had Cod Fish menu and the rest having steak. Try it!
Vivvy said THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who helped her to reached there. (Pak Guard Bangla pun. Walaupun apa dia ckp den tak paham. Sibuk dok kabo jalan nye ke arah outside..outside...Tapi tanya kiri kanan pun takleh nak kasiktau. Haish!) Was over the phone from SGB till Level 1 of BSC! Wahh, terasa diri ini disayangi plak...ekeke...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kenapa Title tak sama dgn Content? *Wink*

Flu...My body feeling a bit uncomfortable.
So far, under control. The gurls also start to get flu too. Kakak, mkn ubat tu yee...( i think, your case is different, kakak. U r not having flu. U r ANGAU. Since abg is now in seremban. for 10 days...hihihi...). Mimi pun, sket lagik nak berjangkit. Mummy, u look so tired, rest sket ekk.
Haiyork, keja spital tp bleh demam. Errm, Mek Comey, virus is around u okiess. Remember that. Yet, working in the hospital area.
This 2 weeks full with BCP meeting with all Dept. Need to ready with physical and emotional. Mates, hope everyone can give full commitment on this. I understand, everyone have our own pending task.So,let's priority tasks okies.Cheer!

i just missed my time going out.... *WInk*.
Owhh,. Y shud i think all this? I realize, this feeling will come when problem is there or tense with my works. So, it just time.. It will goes... But...ehmm...

Songs that i love to listen now:
i) Satu Cinta by Aesar Mustafa - Sorry, i still cant manage to have a video to publish in Boo.
ii) Kenapa singgah kalau tak masuk by Flava-Here's d video

(Upss...dont ask me who is these 2 singer/group. As for me, i love to listen the song. If like the song, only song)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Next Wedding will be Joesrizal Syazrin & Siti Mariani - 7th June 2008 (bridegroom's)

Nurul's wedding.
U know what is d time now? It's 2.19am in d morning. I am still here just bcoz to upload all these pix. Though it's late, but better than nothing, rite? Soweyy, tak larat sgt nak cerita ceritun. So, Just enjoy d pixs , okies?

Alhamdulillah...'Akikah' Iman Zaheera was held smoothly...
Night before, family n me stayed up till 3 in d morning for d preparation.
Next day, everyone woke up early in d morning since Akikah started @ 11am.
Me, quickly dressed up n pick Kakak (Aiti) @ Spital SGB and brought her to Rara's house.
Akikah started and these are all d pixs
Mama n papa gave full effort for this Akikah. Cucu pertama ni yek, papa mama? Nti nana punye baby, nana nak mcm ni jugak, okiess.. ;)
End @ 5pm

Owh...Someone has promised to buzz me.. Uits, sudah tido kaa? :p