Sunday, May 30, 2010

Am in the mooD of Nak Simpan rambut panjang...

Listening to Sha La La song. The Opening song of Full House Korean Drama series. Am addicted again to this song. Dulu masa first2 gile dgr lagu nih, masa zaman implementation Sg Buloh Hospital. Ehhmm, agaknye, tiba2 terasa nak dgr lagu ni balik, sbb nak start implementation UMSC plak kot :) aha! ye lah tu....

Tp citer tu best lah...if i were that girl in reality, best! Even though the guy in the story is so stubborn, ego mak aii tinggi, but actually, he likes the girl in silence :) wahh..(angau kejap).. and the interesting part in this story is when they both got to know they like each other, not even one of then want to tell each other :) From then, started all the actions where they like, but the dont want to tell and show.

Ehhmm, at the end cemana eh? lupe plak rasa....i think they keep missing each other when they're not staying in the same house anymore

Ehmmm....saya suke cerita ini amat sgt... But i wish, the guy who will come to me one day, is not so ego to tell me that he likes me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Takut baca front page Harian Metro arini...Kisah Ikrar Lombok Guy who said it's a tradition to "Larikan" a gurl before get married...Nauzubillah...

Just reached home from Sunway Pyramid. Was a nice day out with Mimie. Only 2 of us. Haha...kalau ada yg silap pk, misti pk kitorg dah berchenta songsang dah ni.. wink :p

Dah lama tak kuar berdua (kata nye si Mimi). A'a kan. Kalau tak dulu masa zaman kat SGB, slalu jgk kuar ngn dia ber dua. Almaklumlah, OU dkt sgt ngn site dulu. Arini, dia free. Bukan senang nak ngk semeks tu free time2 wiken cenggini. Ehmm, agaknye sbb takde kenduri kawen arini yek ,Mie? :p

Reached there at 1pm and had lunch at Nando's. Uits, that's my fevret ever restaurant! :) Lucky mimie likes it also. So, chit chatting while waiting time for Movie. Citer apa..rahsia la. nanti kena kutuks plak kata kitorg tgk citer melayu..haha...

Then, we had a window shopping but ended with bought somethingsssss :) pastu lapar balik, pastu g makan kat subway plak. Gils perut elephant sorg2..haha... ehm, my first time with subway and i loooooiiikkkeeee :)

penat gossip sana sini start drpd time sampai untill bye2 time at carpark. Bile smpai parking, ngk2 banjir le plak kat level B2.. Si mimie kata, air sunway lagoon dah melimpah ke parking. Mek Comey plak kata, Singa besar yg kat depan tu yg dah kench.. Ujan kan ptg ni, so singa tu sejuk. Open air plak tempat dia duduk tu...apa lagik, ter kench lahh... haha..

Am tired
and feel like want to have a nap for a while....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Had a first meeting for iSOFT Family Day Meeting...Dah rasa mcm, alamak..i cant waiiittt!!! hahaha

It's been soooo long i've not update my Blog. This is all because Facebook sickness!! haha.. Can say that everybody now is so addicted to it. Well, for me, Facebook can does everything. U like it or not, as soon as u sign it up, u must be ready to share yourself with people in ur link.

Atas ni, latest picture of Iman Zaheera and myself.
She's 2 years and 6 months now.
At this age, penat layan Ieya ni...dah pandai cakap, pandai tanya " apa ni? apa ni?", pandai tiru cakap org and pandai takmo g school...hahaha..

myself, ehhmm...a lot of things happened to me but nothing is more than before. Still simple and under control. Hiks :p
It just me and The Lord who understand what am i saying now.