Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Be Good okies!

Good Morning :)
Hmm...what is in my mind now?  Ehem! Boo tau..Tanya boo! 
U Zaheera is always in my mind recently. Apa lah gelagat baru si kecik tu kan? She, selagi the only cucu in d family, will always be the attraction to everyone. Hmm, but am sure, she'll be the the best to us foreva when there's new comer though! Dont worry okies!:)
All a year, i'll be visiting Hong Kong! 1 year! hahaha...lama gils kans? Ticket was successfully book by the 2 Nana :) So, 3 Nana will be in Hong Kong next year! And... wish to be in Disneyland is coming true! adalah bermain di sana sampai penat, pengsan, boring and muntah! hihihihi...uiikkk....i cant waitt!!!! 
Hmm...i think time to be at work now.. c u again!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alhamdulilah..6 complete...5 more to complete :)


Dear Boo...hmmm...Oww...Owww...Owwh...
Am now... fall in love with Syamil! ;) Haish..."Kau Yang Terindah" ni best masa dkt2 nak abis plak...Semeks Aini kata this week will be the last week for this Drama series. U got the what it takes to be a good guy! But may be he is only best to my eyes. Not to others. Ada lagi tak org mcm tu kat luar sana yg bleh sy kenal? ;) Hmmmm...mcm ndak ada ja kali...But each time i watch him, I'll definitely smile to myself :) :)

Hmm...Mcm ada benda pelik sket berlaku for the past few days..I pray for something, but in returns few things happened which I do not know y it happened. Is that a sign to what i pray for? But...I wonder how those things relate to each other. Anyway, i dont want to think much. I just go with the flow. Now, I prefer take simplest way when i do something. Papa's quote always remind me..."Dont make things complicated"... Tp klu rasa serabut sgt, kita M.A.K.A.N!!! hihihihih....mkn apa? mkn waffle with eskrem...mkn cho che cho che.. tp jgn minum caffein...nti nerves sorg...habbbisss! hehehe...Appaaa pun tak boleh!! tapi quote yg makan tu, bukan papa punye... tu anak dia yg tgh menulis ni punya slogan...hihihi

Okiess...I want to take my shower now! C u again boo! Mwaaaahhsss!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Another 2 days to go....

Assalamualaikum, Boo.. intention coming here to write something. Then thought to update some picture here. skali tu, terjumpa la gmbar zaheera yg cute...see down there.. sengeh sorg la plak tgk pix tu.. But suddenly while browsing, nmpak gambar eiya kiss Ushu...Allllaaammaaakkk! terus mata bergenang la plak...teringat family at home pepagi mcm ni... so, ok...better leave this first.. and back to work...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2nd day...So another 9 days to go! :)

Download video clip Ussy ft. Andika Kupilih Hatimu

When I was first assigned to work in Brunei, it was really giving me a headache. Being a person who is Home Sick, of course this is the main reason. I cant live far from my family. Yeah, since my Univ time till now, believe me, without miss, I will cry when they leave me. Hihihi...Teruk kan, Boo? Tp nak buat cemana, tak leh control lah! And now, zaheera plak jenis yg senang nangis bila saat2 perpisahan berlaku... :)

I really believe that everything happen to us, ada hikmah nya. How this relates to me, I learn A LOT OF THINGS from the first day I'm in Brunei till now. Banyak sgt kot I blajar. Banyak dugaan. Banyak improvement to myself besides works, religion too. Not that muslimah sgt, but since most of my frens here are baik2, so secara tak langsung i pun terikut2 dgn kebaikkan diorang tu. Syukur. Harap2, smua ni will never stop. On top of that, I learn not to follow the bad attitude. Remind myself, mintak2 jauh la drpd jadik mcm tu jgk. Kalau nak cerita what are other things that I've learnt, mmg tak abis malam ni citer. So, basically, THERE ARE TOO A LOT and I'm so thankful that I'm here... Home Sick pun dah kurang sikit.. Tp bab nangis masa nak tinggal tu, haaa...yg tu tak dapek lagik nak ubah!! hihihihi...

Good Nyte... Mwahss!! :)

Uppsss, below are the 2 the songs which I'M IN L.O.V.E at this moment. Sediiiiihhhhh..... :(