Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy New Year, Tengku Adam!!! :)

Assalamualaikum Boo,

I'm back. The entry I wrote when I was in flight yesterday......

And 2014 of me!

hahaha.... selfie kan!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ok... tolong approve cepat2 nak baaallikk...

Haish... I am blur right now.. dizzy... nervous.. cant focus to 1 thing... and I want to go back to Hotel now and relaxxx~~~~  uwaaaa.... y am i feeling like this...

Because of the 2 cups of nescaffe which I had for the last 2 days?! Grrrr.....

IZ... zaheera suh panggil nama dia IZ... for Iman Zaheera

Assalamualaikum...m on bed already..just finished phone called wif my mom..abg, ksha.and semek are at my house.. we were talking bout business! Yes.. we r planning somethin'  but not to announce it here now.. we pray hard that we would achieve something..insya Allah.. kalau jadik, malas dah nak keja! Aci? ;p ok.. di sbb kan penat style menulis sambil meniarap, maka nya i pen off now..

Two pix taken bfore i left them during last trip.. m missing u both!

Monday, April 15, 2013

mrs amer said pp i kuwus!! OMG..OMG..!! (smiley)

I love today. Not that super bz but occupied with scheduled task. Managed to complete many pending tasks.. alhamdulillah...
But now.. suddenly not feeling good.. headache.. i think migrain.. because... (nada mcm sr M okies).. too much caffein for these 2 days.. huk huk huk.. am going to take my VCO now and sleep... gud nyte boo..

Sunday, April 14, 2013

yeayy.... abis suda... waiting ramadhan peacefully...

Just came back from lunch with 'pengantin baru' ... upss.. with aini bebeh :)
We just had lunch.. aini had beef black pepper which was not hot but sweet.. hehe.. and myself fish fillet sambal grilled.. gud one.. hot&salty... recomended!
Then went to shop as aini wanted to buy mineral water. And i bought an eye mo.. mata kanan asek gatal je nih... and otw as i was talking bout zaheera to her, bumped onto en roslan.... tanya la dari mana.. 'carik kedai komputer'... hahaha... mouse wosak wupenye-wupenye...(zaheera slalu kata rupenye-rupennye instead of rupa-rupanya.. hehe).. and u know what en roslan kutuks my place when i asked her to get our fren to buy 1 for him since that guy is coming this week kan.. he said.. adaa keee... huh.. mmg nak kena gaban okies! Najib pun dtg okies taman i tiewwesss... hehehe...

My Dearest frens...Abe Nik, Mike Mastura & Aini Bebeh....Congratulations and I pray u&partner happy ever after!! mwahhsss!! To Papa&Mama, Happy 35th Anniversary..I love u till d end!

Huhu...Lama giler kot tak update Boo.. Sorry, Boo.. Too bz wif everything! Anyway, thing is still d same.. about me...still healthy..Alhamdulillah..still cheerful...Alhamdulillah...Still comey..Of Course! And still waiting...for d right time.. right partner.. and right love ;)

Am here still out of country.. still patient to complete this tough project. Insya Allah.. with all the challenges, am sure i'll gain something in future.

Hmm..tatau nak tulis apa at this moment.. hahaha... Am sure i'll be back again here... see ya, Boo!!

VC kat bawah, is the tv drama that I watch and love to follow now... Enjoy...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

ok en mahmood.. tolong lah datang esok!!

Here i am, back to brunei again. Safely landed at 1430 afternoon. Long journey but accompanied by aini n fyna, made time flew fast. Owh, not forgotten, it was only 3 of us "hot" that could made we ended with seating in a row. Hahaha
How i wish time flying fast so i can go home fast!!