Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye2 2010 and Welcoming 2011.... May Allah gives more prosperous in 2011...

Hye Boo....Oo...I miss u so much...!!
Lama nye tak update blog ni kan..Tp smlm masa otw balik keja, rasa mcm naaaaak sgt update Boo smula. Semangat 2011 kah hitu? ;p Due to have soooo many things to say here, so I dont know how to start and which want to start first... Ok, first, I am sooo glad that My Favorite Fazura won 1 award in "Anugerah Skrin" this year!! hahaha....Boleh tak itu dulu yg nak diceritakan....So if u wanna say that "Apalah yg nak digembirakan sgt dengan anugerah ciput malaysia tu..." haaisshhh...ada i kesahh? haha...WHATEVAA~~~ ;p Sbb eh...Sbb I Looooooiiiikkkkeee her very much!

Second, 2010 brings many happy, smiles, enjoyment, tiredness, bored, wealth, peaceful and some tears and sad of course. But I take it as a LIFE CYCLE... Sometimes u are at the Top and sometimes u are at the Bottom. With that, u will be more strong inside as u will learn from experiences and mistakes. Closing giving me strength to have a very good year in 2011....I'm sure I will get what I want and wish! Amin :)

It is a Iman Zaheera time plak kay....hehe...
My ONLY Niece now is 3 years! Huhu... She just celebrated her 3 years last 27/11/2010... We had an awesome and tremendous party for her at McDonald, Shah Alam.

Her Cake
1st year...Pooh
2nd Year..Barney
3rd Year...Princess

She was in the mood of Mata Juling! tatau laa apesal malam tu most of the pix dia pose ngn mata juling

The Abi and Ibu who did a great "project" to deliver this beautiful Gurl! ;) Wink!

May Allah bless this family :)
Ehem...bile Ieya nak dapat adik nih? ;p

The crowd of that night! ada lagik sebenarnye nih...Sbb tak muat nak masuk, duduk tepi je lah...Takpe, next time kita buat kat Dewan PICC Putrajaya, besaq sket!

hehe...Nana lapor dah, Ksha...

She is big now

She joined the crowd to play games

Haha...kaco la ieya ni buat muka gitu

Ok...Ok... Ateh pun reti buat mata juling gitu, Okies!

Ehmm...tu je lah dulu for now...
Happy Long Weekend this weekend yeah, everyone!
It's a public hols today, Friday, for our Great Winning of AFF Cup.. Congrats! haha...mcm lah ada player football malaysia yg baca Blog i nih...haha...

Happy New Year - 2011

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uits... I'm In love...!!!

Ok..ok....the subject really makes u eager to know what does it really means,right, Boo? ;p Hiks

Yeah, I was watching Prima just now. My mind was not really into the movie.
And suddenly i thought of someone and straight away pick up my phone to SMS. The mouth whispering "the name". And to my surprise, when i unlocked the phone, I got 1 missed call and it was from "the name" that i wanted to SMS initially. Hah!
What a coincidence!

This is actually the 2nd time it happened.

The first One, It was happened when i was in the sad mood. Suddenly have a thought that how good if "the name" call me now. And i swear, in less 1 minute, i received called from "the name".. ;)



Ok.... Teruja? hehehehehe...

Gud nyte boo darling! :)

And for those "you" who understand this, Thank You...Mcm ada kuch2 Hota Hai la plak...hiks ;p

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin to all frens out there!

Maaf Zahir dan batin untuk salah silap yg pernah berlaku selama ni.. Harap2 dimaafkan..

Please, please, and please drive carefully to wherever u go and please come back home safely

Boo, am going back for quite long holidays and till meet u again, yea! Am surely will miss you, Boo.. Mwahh!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya, Boo! Mek Comey dah raya, Boo!! Haha.Tp penat la Mek Comey nak ganti nti.Adduss..6+9=15! cukup2 yoo sepaghuh daghi sobulan...

Hello...Hye Boo :)
What a long holiday, yeah?! Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! huhu... Supposedly only 4 but it turned out to be 5 days for some unexpected reasons. And now..Haish, me feel veerrrryyyy the "malas" go to work already ;p No..No..No... Aliah, dont tell this to K.Mun, yea. I "piat" ur "telinga" if u tell her! ;p
Aliah, bebeh, u coming to IB tomorrow, right? haish, it's been a while after the last met in PD, right? Rindu u lah, bebeh... eh, why suddenly this entry sort of meant for u, huh? ;p ekekekeke..... Jumpe esoqq yea... what was our last promise, bebeh? Makan smpai pengsan!! haha...All right!! Nizar kata ada Erra Fazira. Tetamu jemputan. Ngengs ! ;p btul ke tak ntah tu si Nizar ni... Kalau takde, kita suh dia jalan macam ratu malaysia satu round kat IB esok!!

Hmm...Raya is just around the corner. How's ur preparation, frens? The Baju Raya, the kuih raya, the rumah decoration, the rambut glams (dah color dah? Color apa thn nih? ;p), new car for raya, new partner for raya (Yg baru kawen, sure best gile tak sabar nak raya ngn pasengen nye yg barrrruu, hiks... )

Kitorg thn ni kan, Kakak ipar is too excited nak buat kuih raya! :)
Cornflakes. Though simple, but riuh nak buat kuih raya, Maaakk aiii, smpai berterabur jugak la cornflakes2 tu dek si Zaheera kecik tu menggaul nye.. ;p
Lps tu, ader plak dia ter kents ngn bersin...hmph, mmg best la first trial cookies kitorg tu!
heiippp...maka ada lah yg diluar sana yg takmo beraya umah Ateh lps ni zaheera oitss setelah membaca entry ini..hahaha ;p

all right, some pic last night during the experiment ;)

Ateh dalam gamba2 ni mcm tukang amik gamba je kans? ;p
Heiipp...cemana nak ada gamba ateh tgh buat kuih raya kalau ateh sendirik yg tukang amik gamba nye? kans...kans.. ;p

Some pix before she left the house today. Lovely Zaheera

Owh, is today a M.O.N.E.Y D.A.Y?? hahaha....Papa bg duit, Mama bg duit, ehem bg duit... Thank u, Thank u...i love u!!! Kayaaaa.... ;p

To my bebeh Aini, yup! it's a confirmed! Meet ya and Aida this monday, yea! ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

minggu yg ketat....addusss

I love this very much...!!! Very da cool lahhh!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another 17 days to go... Lps tu dpt makan kuih raya kat umah tok..haha.. ;)

Holla... How are u, Boo?
Just want to share something here..Last week, heard 1 song from .. I think if not mistaken, Hot Fm.. At first, i tot it's Indon song. But after tried searching from Pakcik Google, sing by few artist which are from AF (Ariel, Hafiz) , Hot Fm Deejay (Tini, Anne) and One in Million (Ayu).

Heard this is 1 of the songs they produced for Raya (this year Raya). Hmm, tp mcm pelik, lagu mcm cintan, tp utk album raya.. hihihi...apakah?? :p May be their aim is to sell the album during raya la kot..

Okies, enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyone has already 5, but i am not even 1...haish..

Ayie has reached her campus. Alhamdulillah.
And, Mom just told me that Ieya now at hospital :( Neb again. Ieya...Ieya... dok sehak sokmo.. but, deep inside her heart, this little sweet gurl, i'm sure she's very happy. Because why, she can come to Tatai and Awok's house tomorrow!!! hahahaa.. Boo, she doesn't like to go to school recently. That's why, she always try to find reasons not to go to school. The famous reason that she can think of is, "Ieya tak sehaaattt...Ieya sakit kakiiiii..." LOL
And if she knows that her reason not acceptable, she will delay the time. She will ask Ibu to prepare her milk when it is the time for them to send her to school :p She will ask ibu to wait for her to watch her CD. She will yak yak. hehe..

Iman Zaheera is big now. Ehmm.... she's 2 years and 9 months. But i think she mature than her age. She can talk fluently at her age. Tak pelat. We can understand what she's saying. And she's very good in arranging words in sentence! :) mwahhh skali kat Ieya..Ateh love Ieya lah..

Beloved brother Ayie, otw back to campus. Cares okiess :)

Hey Boo! :)
I am good today! I feel calm, i feel happy, and i'm in L.O.V.E ;p

Hehehe..this is all because of Isabella TV series at Astro ch 105! I just watched it. Alamak, tapi tak igt arini punye dah series ke berapa. hehe... Tp yg arini ulangan tau. Every new series will be every Tuesday at 9.30pm.
Yup, it is now my favorite tv series. Hmm... Y? Hmm....I would say, because of Rosham Nor is the main actor. But this time, it is not Rita Rudaini but, Vee (Vanida Imran). She's gorgeous and so lovely! And i think she also have the chemistry with Rosham. Masssuukkk btul lah! Hiks :p

And... i think, the chosen of the song also is the aura for this series. It is "Isabella", okay! haishh..The moment i heard the music start, adddussss...cayaq... :p
I just copy of the Search concert sang the song last 2004. Enjoy!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

tiba2 terjumpe gamba2 ni smula..hehe...dan saya amatla sedikit tembam di waktu itu..hihi

Susah nyeee....

Okies...just went back from a shop where intended to repair my phone. Tp tak jadik, sbb nye, nti lah dulu. Sokmo gitu, penat2 je pegi, tiba tukar fikiran. duush..pastu esok lusa misti pegi balik. pastu repair. dush. pastu mcm penat je la kan pegi 2 3 kali.dush..hehe..ngeng! ;p


As it is so cloudy right here, i feel like i have the same with the whether... going to somewhere...but dont know where...but to be going to nowhere..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

mungkin btul skrg ni musim org muda berchenta ngn org tua... haha

Hayloo...gud morning...reached office at 8.15 in the morning today. Took me only 1 hour to KL Central from Home. 7.05 to 8.05...waahh!!! so amazed! jem, jem jugak...Tp berjaya menempuhinye dgn jaya! haha...
Anyway, I'm having training today. Communication skills. that's was the reason to come very early to office. Konon nye nak bfast awal laa kans.. sbb si kecik Mimie kata, "dtg awal esok..esok training kul 9am!" ... tp skali, den yg smpai awal kecik tusmpai 8.45! dush... ate kena marah la kalau si kecik ni baca this entry..haha..

Okies, till see u again, boo :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rambut sy dah pendek! haha... mmg tak berjaya btul nak simpan rambut pjg nih!

Jatuh chenta sudah sama lagu Bila Cinta, the soundtrack for Lagenda Budak Setan movie! as usual, am not really interested with the lyrics when i listen to a song. But the melody, Yes!:) hmm...i think it is indonesian song. So, i think i like to listen to indon song, and that what it makes me like this song too. hehe...

How about the movie? yea, i watched it. Nope,we watched it,gurls! hiks! Mimi, Ira and myself went to GSC Midavalley last week! hihi...
Ehmm..for me, only 6 from 10. Rasanye, may be sbb cara berchenta tu mcm cara remaja yg 15 tahun lps berchenta, so bile Mek Comey ni tgk last week di zaman yg sungguh era baru, mcm alamak, kdg2 rasa ada part yg mcm tak berapa real!ye lah, cara student during the last 15 years berchenta kan. So, kita yg dah besar ni bile tgk citer mcm tu, rasa mcm tak puas plak ngk cara berchenta gitu. haha...paham ke, Boo? tak haha..
And 1 more, jalan citer mcm tak di kembangkan. Mcm terkejar2 nak abis kan satu scene.
But, there is 1 part which really touched me (nangis skejap). Bila Ayu and Kasyah nak berpisah. kenapa eh bleh nangis? Ehhmm... may be sbb nti diorg takleh jumpe buat masa yg aaaaaaggggaaaakkkk lama la kot. So nti rindu cemana tu.. Kasyah pun cakap line tepon pun takde tawww... Haish, kalau gue gitu, pengsan sudah.. haha...
But Lisa Surihani, u are damn beautiful! really! SO SWEET..! u such a very soft woman, but yet, ada mcm kasar jugak! i like that. Lembut sgt ni tak best lah. Ayu Sgt! huh!

And my favourite Fazura! i llllooooiiikkkkee your action! it's so u! :)

Ehmm, this monday, am going to Pekan. For handover Meeting for Hospital Pekan. Dah lama tak outstation! best jgk sbb at least, such a new breath! lari sket drpd routine life that u always do everyday! Hmm..i think Boo understand well about what am saying.

BRB later, nak teman mama ku yg tgh nak luch kat bawah. I love u Boo! mwahhhss!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Am in the mooD of Nak Simpan rambut panjang...

Listening to Sha La La song. The Opening song of Full House Korean Drama series. Am addicted again to this song. Dulu masa first2 gile dgr lagu nih, masa zaman implementation Sg Buloh Hospital. Ehhmm, agaknye, tiba2 terasa nak dgr lagu ni balik, sbb nak start implementation UMSC plak kot :) aha! ye lah tu....

Tp citer tu best lah...if i were that girl in reality, best! Even though the guy in the story is so stubborn, ego mak aii tinggi, but actually, he likes the girl in silence :) wahh..(angau kejap).. and the interesting part in this story is when they both got to know they like each other, not even one of then want to tell each other :) From then, started all the actions where they like, but the dont want to tell and show.

Ehhmm, at the end cemana eh? lupe plak rasa....i think they keep missing each other when they're not staying in the same house anymore

Ehmmm....saya suke cerita ini amat sgt... But i wish, the guy who will come to me one day, is not so ego to tell me that he likes me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Takut baca front page Harian Metro arini...Kisah Ikrar Lombok Guy who said it's a tradition to "Larikan" a gurl before get married...Nauzubillah...

Just reached home from Sunway Pyramid. Was a nice day out with Mimie. Only 2 of us. Haha...kalau ada yg silap pk, misti pk kitorg dah berchenta songsang dah ni.. wink :p

Dah lama tak kuar berdua (kata nye si Mimi). A'a kan. Kalau tak dulu masa zaman kat SGB, slalu jgk kuar ngn dia ber dua. Almaklumlah, OU dkt sgt ngn site dulu. Arini, dia free. Bukan senang nak ngk semeks tu free time2 wiken cenggini. Ehmm, agaknye sbb takde kenduri kawen arini yek ,Mie? :p

Reached there at 1pm and had lunch at Nando's. Uits, that's my fevret ever restaurant! :) Lucky mimie likes it also. So, chit chatting while waiting time for Movie. Citer apa..rahsia la. nanti kena kutuks plak kata kitorg tgk citer melayu..haha...

Then, we had a window shopping but ended with bought somethingsssss :) pastu lapar balik, pastu g makan kat subway plak. Gils perut elephant sorg2..haha... ehm, my first time with subway and i loooooiiikkkeeee :)

penat gossip sana sini start drpd time sampai untill bye2 time at carpark. Bile smpai parking, ngk2 banjir le plak kat level B2.. Si mimie kata, air sunway lagoon dah melimpah ke parking. Mek Comey plak kata, Singa besar yg kat depan tu yg dah kench.. Ujan kan ptg ni, so singa tu sejuk. Open air plak tempat dia duduk tu...apa lagik, ter kench lahh... haha..

Am tired
and feel like want to have a nap for a while....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Had a first meeting for iSOFT Family Day Meeting...Dah rasa mcm, alamak..i cant waiiittt!!! hahaha

It's been soooo long i've not update my Blog. This is all because Facebook sickness!! haha.. Can say that everybody now is so addicted to it. Well, for me, Facebook can does everything. U like it or not, as soon as u sign it up, u must be ready to share yourself with people in ur link.

Atas ni, latest picture of Iman Zaheera and myself.
She's 2 years and 6 months now.
At this age, penat layan Ieya ni...dah pandai cakap, pandai tanya " apa ni? apa ni?", pandai tiru cakap org and pandai takmo g school...hahaha..

myself, ehhmm...a lot of things happened to me but nothing is more than before. Still simple and under control. Hiks :p
It just me and The Lord who understand what am i saying now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ieya is coming...!!! Kat DUKE dah...Rinduuuu......

Hari wilayah arini. So, didn't work today. Pagi buat washing, and check email office sekali skala. Pastu upload gambo bowling aritu. plak tgk action kawans2.Nak2 yg boss baru. Mmg slamber btul boss baru nih. best jugak, takde lah rasa mcm takut sgt. But respect is still there.FOR SURE! Me was at the 2nd place for women group. 271 scores for 3 games. OK le tu kans. hehe...First was Iera and third was Mama Punk. Everyone think that we shud do this again. Kalau pun tak this bowling game, game lain pun takpe. Anything that can huha huha reramai and off work :)

Yes, am now suka la plak dgr few songs nih;

1)Ungu-Dilema Cinta

2)Black Eyed peas- Tonigh's Gonna be A good Night

2)Green day ft American Idiot - 21 Guns

Ok Lah, mcm dengar keta Kak Sha je tu kat Luar...yeaayy, Ieya dah smpai la tu makna nye...yess!!! Chalosss!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Abg :)

It's Sunday! not evryone at home but at least, Ayie is here(walaupun tgh tido le lg). Since both of them(Ayie and Sheila) now stay at their college, so Gombak "sunyi" sket la weekend. Plus, Abg and Kak Sha now are bz preparing to move out to new house to Alam Budiman. So, weekend is time for them to do packing. This weekend, Ieya now at Cameron Highlands. Coti2 ngn Abg Li's Family.

She's now 2 years and 2 months...Ieya skrg dah makin ringan mulut. Ada je perkataan2 baru dr mulut dia. Aritu, abg citer kat Mama, baru je bgn tido, lps tu terus amik beg school and pegi to Abi and cakap, "Abi, school..." :) Kalau dulu payah nyeeee nak g school. Menggeliat lah, Yak lah.. tp skrg dah dia plak yg tak sabar2 nak g school.

Okies, to be continued, nak g saloon rambut. :P

Sunday, January 3, 2010

gile lama tak update....hopefully this blog is reborn this month for a new year...

Happy New Year - 2010

CUCI The Muzikal gonna be played again this year! Waahh, best nyee! bleh bawak papa mama pegi this time..insya Allah.. :)