Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If u love someone, say it..dont wait untill it becomes too late..

Dah ngantuk sebenarnye sbb td baru lps g berurut! ;) Wah..! sungguh segar badan ku ini! Wink..
G mengurut ngn makcik tu, mmg best, Sbb eehh, abis smua berita dia tau. Tukang Urut Moden mmg cenggitu. Up to Date! hehe... Berita semasa, Hiburan, politik...smua tau. Smpai kan den sondighi pun insap sekejap sobab taktau perkembangan somaso...Hiks!

I just uploaded Zaheera's video who is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :)
Sekarang dah semakin jelas dah sebutan dia. She always talking alone. The next stage, must be more interesting where she will ask lots of questions again n again n again...haha...penat lah nak jawab nti.

okies,wanna sleep...nyte2 :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mama Papa balik from Kelantan Today...Yeay...Miss them so muchh...tak sabar nak tunggu tudung yg mama beli pun yee...hehe

Everyone has got their problems. Semua orang. Sometimes, when i got a problem, rasa mcm takde orang sayang to myself.Even kadang2 dgn tuhan skali kita rasa kita not being loved. I know that's too bad to think in such way. But normally we are not in normal emotions during that time. Kans? That's y, dont be too emotions. I agreed that it is simple to say. But yea, try...try and try to think rasionally and do other things to swith ur mind from thinking the problem.

Kenapa tiba2 ckp pasal ni? Sbb nye, i heard 2 people with 2 different problems. When i heard that, it is actually lernt me. One is about Mom. One is about love.
To him, i hope u drive home safely. I pray that ur mom is in a good condition. To her, i learnt this before. Sometimes i feel really bad when i dont have steady boyren after break off. Sigh. But when i heard yours, i should thank u. U are actually has open my eyes to know man more(Even i has lots of experience after 5 years couple). U should be strong. I know u are strong in heart but may be not in soul. It's ok, u are leaning. Only 1, u have many people around u that can lend his/her ears.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Will be in Lahad Datu Next Week with the Niceee Team :)!!

Seating at home loading Zaheera's video at FB. Her video playing with doll and make up. New make up kits bought by her Achik. Ni aksi begini nih, ikut si Achik dia le suke dok bermake up make up!
First time dia pandai nak make up make up ni, tgk Tatai dia la nak bersiap2. Lps nampak Tatai pakai Lipstick tu, muncung la mulut dia tu hulur suh pakai kan kat bibir dia jugak.Hiks!

Another picture on Raya morning, while her auntie bz "siap2" she was also sama2 ngendeng2 nak ber touch up :P

Zaheera dah balik dah. This weekend byk sangat event dia nak g Open House la. G Kenduri Akikah la. So, sbb tu nti tak balik Gombak dah. Owh...she can pronounce "Gombak" well. cute! Ibu la tu ajar.