Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye2 2010 and Welcoming 2011.... May Allah gives more prosperous in 2011...

Hye Boo....Oo...I miss u so much...!!
Lama nye tak update blog ni kan..Tp smlm masa otw balik keja, rasa mcm naaaaak sgt update Boo smula. Semangat 2011 kah hitu? ;p Due to have soooo many things to say here, so I dont know how to start and which want to start first... Ok, first, I am sooo glad that My Favorite Fazura won 1 award in "Anugerah Skrin" this year!! hahaha....Boleh tak itu dulu yg nak diceritakan....So if u wanna say that "Apalah yg nak digembirakan sgt dengan anugerah ciput malaysia tu..." haaisshhh...ada i kesahh? haha...WHATEVAA~~~ ;p Sbb eh...Sbb I Looooooiiiikkkkeee her very much!

Second, 2010 brings many happy, smiles, enjoyment, tiredness, bored, wealth, peaceful and some tears and sad of course. But I take it as a LIFE CYCLE... Sometimes u are at the Top and sometimes u are at the Bottom. With that, u will be more strong inside as u will learn from experiences and mistakes. Closing giving me strength to have a very good year in 2011....I'm sure I will get what I want and wish! Amin :)

It is a Iman Zaheera time plak kay....hehe...
My ONLY Niece now is 3 years! Huhu... She just celebrated her 3 years last 27/11/2010... We had an awesome and tremendous party for her at McDonald, Shah Alam.

Her Cake
1st year...Pooh
2nd Year..Barney
3rd Year...Princess

She was in the mood of Mata Juling! tatau laa apesal malam tu most of the pix dia pose ngn mata juling

The Abi and Ibu who did a great "project" to deliver this beautiful Gurl! ;) Wink!

May Allah bless this family :)
Ehem...bile Ieya nak dapat adik nih? ;p

The crowd of that night! ada lagik sebenarnye nih...Sbb tak muat nak masuk, duduk tepi je lah...Takpe, next time kita buat kat Dewan PICC Putrajaya, besaq sket!

hehe...Nana lapor dah, Ksha...

She is big now

She joined the crowd to play games

Haha...kaco la ieya ni buat muka gitu

Ok...Ok... Ateh pun reti buat mata juling gitu, Okies!

Ehmm...tu je lah dulu for now...
Happy Long Weekend this weekend yeah, everyone!
It's a public hols today, Friday, for our Great Winning of AFF Cup.. Congrats! haha...mcm lah ada player football malaysia yg baca Blog i nih...haha...

Happy New Year - 2011