Friday, March 18, 2011

To Jura, I'll pray for you...May Mom and baby safe on welcoming him/her soon :)

Tsamina mina eh eh..
Waka Waka eh eh...

Cepat! Cepat! Teka y lah i nyanyi lagu itiewss? Yg nyanyi dgn nada yg btul je bleh jawab lagu apo sobonar eh.. Yg kalau ado yg melatah, di sobab kan "" tu, mako salah lah tokaan haaa... Yg raso2 berdangdut plak, nyobut "eh! Eh!", mako samo jugak lah...silaaaapppp~~~~ hahahaha.... (melalut ke? eh, suka ati den lah! blog den! hahahahahahah)

Lagu tu den nyanyikan sobab baru yo solosai nonton Si Johan and Zizan in the Raja Lawak Finale. Ado sokali tu, they sang that verse and Zizan Rap and it was awesome! :) And they are so talented in imitating Jamal Abdilah! for those who watched, u may agree with me. Oh yes, for my eldest brother, i am telling u that the first prize given to Man. Second place was R2, and third was Balas... Owwh he cant read this as this moment as he is still on his way to our Kampung with my beloved K.Sha and Zaheera... hahahaha....Tp Abg mmg tak pernah baca pun blog ni kan? takpe takpe...(ikut nada zaheera)... alamak! Ateh rindu Zaheera plak tiba! :( Cepat balik sayaaaaannggggg~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

Yeah... at this hour, i am still do not "ehem"! hahah...For those who knows my "1 perangai" after reached home from work, u surely knows what I mean ;p hihihi.... Alaahhh, jap laaaagii leeee.... ;p
Because i just had a feeling to see my Boo tonight. Ehmmm, what had inspired me to write? Think, must be i just fallen in love with 1 song...Again, Indon Song! (tatau nape suka bnor leleh ngn lagu Indon...but i think because it's catchy). Me, loves a song by its melody. Lyric will be number 2!

So,Here it is!

Don't really understand what this song is trying to tell...hiks ;p

All right, wanna tell u Boo something that was tiring but sooo satisfying! :)
Had a visit from Thailand Hospital ehmm, last 2 days in 1 of my site hospital! In front of Group of 30 peoples, Big Boss from Aussie, Local users and My Boss, me presented work flows and ushered them around the hospital. Tiring; Woke up very early plus walking and talking,BUT it ended with 1 cool statement "Well Done! Good Job!" from the Aussie Big Boss, which could make me like wanna do it 100 times again! hahahhaa.... it's a compliment i guess! ;)

Owwh...and Boo, if last year, was given opportunity to watch Cuci The Musical, this year, ASTRO MUSTIKA is kind enough to gives 4 tickets for me to go to Lat Sebuah Kisah Musical! Hiks! Yeaaaayyyyy!!!!
How i really wonder why all my wishess about watching theater will always come true! :) best kan? best kan? hehehehe...yess, besssttt~~~~
And anyway, heard from radio today that Tiara Jacquelina is ready to make a splash at the musical stage once again. "The Secret Life of Nora (TSLON)"...Ehmmm...may it becomes next wish comes true! Wink!

ooo..not forgotten, ASTRO mmg loves me very much because Last week i got 4 tickets to watch konsert hore-hore aznil! Winkk~~~~~

Hmm...mata pedihssss...nak tidoo~~~~